Naruto: 10 Funny Sasuke Memes Fans Laughed Too Hard At

If there is one Naruto character who ignites hot debate among the fans, it’s Sasuke Itachi. When someone murders his friends and family to gain power, it’s pretty obvious such character will ignited hot debates.

Luckily for the Sasuke the Internet is flooding with hilarious, god-like memes about fan’s favorite emo boy. And we’ve collected some of the best ones on this list below, ranked by the audience votes.

#1 The Internet’s Reaction To Sasuke

#2 Mom, It’s Not A Phase 

#3 People Lining Up To Choke Sasuke 

#4 Did Sasuke Threaten To Leave Again 

#5 When You Are Taking A Test 

#6 Am I A Joke To You?

#7 When Everything In Your Life Is Going Wrong

#8 I May Seem Like An Angry Person To You

#9 Dont Worry You Time Will Come 

#10 You Lack Seasoning


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