Why Naruto Named His Son Boruto? Know The Real Truth!!

Naruto has been one of the most promising anime characters till date. However, to carry his legacy, the creators needed something more impactful to entertain the fans. The birth of Naruto’s son was one of the most delightful moments for Naruto fans. However, there are a lot of questions surrounding Naruto’s son. The first, being, why he was named Boruto?

If we deep dive into the world of Naruto, the main protagonist of the series is married to Hinata Hyuga, one of the shyest characters of the franchise. So, she out of her shyness fails to choose her own son’s name. Second, the creators of the series desired a name that people who are fanatical re Naruto and Naruto Shippuden can easily connect to the new arc Boruto: The Next Generation and will grasp the essence of the show much easily.

The third reason could be in Japanese names, phrases, and words. It could have multiple meanings. Moreover, Naruto may have named his son Boruto out of honor of Hinata’s cousin, Neji Hyuga. The name Neji depicts screw in Japanese, and Boruto means bolt, in another way it says screw. So, basically, Boruto was named in honor of Hinata’s dead half-brother.

Though there are tons of other fan theories and assumptions on why Naruto’s son was titled Boruto, these are the three most prominent reasons. However, some fans highlight a hilarious story revealing that the creators in an interview highlighted that in computer keyboard (right to left), first M comes, so, Minato, then N comes, so, Naruto and then B comes, so, its Boruto. So, maybe the generation coming from Boruto could come up with names like Voruto or Varuto.




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