7 Facts About Naruto That Will Blow Your Mind!!

Naruto is one of the precious gifts for anime lovers. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, it is a hit series, entertaining the fans for years. With the most flavorful characters and some awesome plots, the series is ruling over the hearts of the fans.

Popular characters like Naruto, the protagonist, Itachi, Sasuke, Sakura, and more have turned out to be fan favorites. The fans are always curious to know more about their favorite show and its characters. So, today we will unveil some of the fascinating facts about Naruto –

#10 Asuma’s Cigarette Is Never Lit In The American Version 

#9 Kankuro’s Hairstyle Is Similar To Naruto 

#8 A Pair Of Twins Played Sakura’s Part In Naruto – The Musical 

#7 Team Seven Was The First Group To Have Passed By Kakashi 

#6 The Toads All Have Namesakes


#5 Naruto’s Trademark “Kage Bunshin” Is Actually A Jonin Level Technique 

#4 Ibiki Morino Is The Tallest Shinobi In Hidden Leaf 

#3 Naruto Was Not Supposed To Be A Ninja 

#2 The Naruto BGM Was Chosen With Overseas Audience In Mind

#1 Neji’s Forehead Marks Are Different In Anime And Manga 


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