Naruto Vs Superman: Who Will Win In A Comic Battle?

Naruto and Superman are two of the trending anime characters across the globe. Both the characters have insane popularity and fandom in the anime world. However, there is always a hot debate among the fans about who will win a fair battle between Naruto and Superman?

Though both the characters have vast differences in terms of power and backstory, both Naruto and Superman are incredibly famous in the anime world. However, Superman is often titled an alien from another planet. While Naruto is one of the proficient ninjas of the Earth. But in a battle, who will have an upper hand? Will the Seventh Hokage triumph be able to overpower the Last Son of Krypton?

Naruto possesses the insane ability to elevate his powers just like Goku. However, is that enough to beat Superman? As we know, Superman has managed to survive tons of atomic explosions and kryptonite bullets. So, it’s pretty obvious that Naruto’s wind attack will not be effective against him as Superman can break the sound barrier within a blink.

Unfortunately, Naruto’s one of the most powerful moves the Tailed Beast Bomb will only be able to slow down the Kryptonian. The main issue that will push back Naruto in a fight against Superman is how long it takes to unleash his ninja abilities. While on the other hand, Superman can pull out his powers within a fraction of seconds. Even if Naruto uses his magic moves, Superman can easily overpower like as he has done this before against evil magicians like Black Adam. While it’s pretty clear that Superman can defeat Naruto in a blink, the good news for the latter is he will be unlikely to die in the battle, as Superman never killed his enemies. So, Superman can defeat Naruto in a fraction of seconds.

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