Top 5 Naruto Episodes That Will Surely Make You Cry

Naruto is one of the iconic anime shows that connected with the audience emotionally too. The story of Naruto gets more intense as we proceed with characters stepping into blood pools. Moreover, the fan-favorite character, Naruto, also had some heartbreaking deaths during the course of the anime that often make the fans emotional.

After the fans pass the first 100 episodes of the anime, they witness a whole snot fest of emotions, as their favorite characters demise one after another. So, today in this article, we will list down the top 5 Naruto episodes that will surely make you burst out in tears.

#5 Itachi Confirms The Real Truth Behind The Massacre Of Uchiha Clan

This is the first time the audience gets a glimpse of the Uchiha Clan massacre from Itachi Uchiha’s perspective. The scene is truly heartbreaking and emotional. It portrays Itachi’s deep sorrow and presents an in-depth truth about the matter.

#4 Haku & Zabuza’s Death 

Zabuza turned out to be a scoundrel throughout the arc. However later he showcased his soft side. But sadly Kakashi killed Haku. When he burst out into tears after Naruto’s outrage fans turned emotional.

#3 Jiraiya’s Death 

The death scene of the legendary Sage Shinobi, Jiraiya was one of the most connecting moments for Naruto fans. It took considerable time for the viewers to recover from the shock of Jiraiya’s death.

#2 The Death Of Asuma Sensei

Asuma Sensei’s death was something really shocking for the fans. This unexpected event broke the fans’ hearts into pieces. It was an emotional trauma for them when Hidan pushed Asuma to his limit and killed him ruthlessly.

#1 The Birth Of Naruto 

Kushina’s narration of Naruto’s birth was something emotional for the fans. The death of Kushina and Minato is often quoted as the most tragic event in the complete Naruto series.


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