25 Incredibly Funny Dragon Ball Comics Taking Saiyans Past 9000

Dragon Ball Super wrapped up sometime back, over thirty years after the since the Dragon Ball debuted for the first time. Akira Toriyama’s manga has made an impact which is undeniable. The franchise has been one of the best-selling ever, and the anime led to scores of people entering the medium. Before Crunchyroll and streaming options, fans used to rely on Toonami and other TV channels to get their dose of anime. Apart from movies like Akira and Ghost in the ShellDragon Ball Z showed that there was a lot more to cartoons, beyond Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. or Disney.

There are not many heroes as legendary as Goku. Spread over three official series and a Dragon Ball GT, Goku’s story has seen hordes of iconic villains, and he routinely made his fans laugh. It is sad that an iconic leading character doesn’t necessarily mean an equally great anime. Fortunately, Goku is not alone in his mission. Whether it is converting enemies into friends or fathering, in a very liberal meaning of the word, the future generation, Kakarot kept asking for the attention of other fascinating characters such as Vegeta, Gohan, and Frieza who were quite crucial to the Toriyama’s equivalent of Journey to the West.

Dragon Ball is perennial, and whether it is due to their love or dislike, a number of creators have created their own version of the anime and its stories. Here we present to you 25 incredibly funny Dragon Ballcomics which take the Saiyans beyond 9000!

1. Goku And Vegeta Take On The Marvel Universe

2. One Punch Fail

3. Dragon Ball GO

4. Instant Embarrassment

5. All Roads Lead To Disney

6. Frieza’s True Motives Came To Light

7. Planning Ahead (Is Not Permitted)

8. Bulma’s Holiday Plans

9. Yamcha, This Is What Happens When You Skip Out On Grinding!

10. Vegeta’s Pride Reaches New Heights

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11. Piccolo Messed With The Wrong Moon

12. A Dragon Ball Christmas

13. Always A Phone Call Away

14. Goku Travels With His Own Interpreter

15. Naruto’s Link To Dragon Ball Z

16. Fatherhood Is Vegeta’s Greatest Challenge

17. Vegetto’s Thanksgiving Feast

18. Goku, I Am Your Father (Duh!)

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19. When The Pupil Becomes The Master

20. Gohan’s Training Falls Short

21. Krillin Has Android 18’S Number

22. Hardly An Ideal First Impression

23. Using Vegeta’s Power For Good

24. Pride Is Nothing But A Crutch

1. In A Popularity Contest, There Is Only One Winner

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