Now Here Is An Adult Parody For Dragon Ball Z

It is ultimately here. After having spent decades in the anime world, Dragon Ball Z just received a racy adult parody and is trailer is either going to offend otakus or make them want more. Or maybe, both of those things might be true. As is a fact, naughty parodies are not famous for being classy, and the creators of this film have no hesitation in taking liberties with the Akira Toriyama story at any given opportunity.
The trailer for Dragon Boob Z is now live on YouTube, and Wood Rocket facilitates streaming of the movie if you wish to find out what happens in this movie to the Z Fighters. The parody is housed on an adult content website, so it just gives a new meaning to NSFW. However, the trailer is mildly NSFW, and you can check it above if you want to chuckle a bit.
The movie is based on a gender-changed Goku, in fact, we Gokooze, a character played by the adult actress Brenna Sparks. The Saiyan puts up a private ad on Craiglist inviting hot aliens to have an intimate rendezvous to dazzle her. However, this is totally oblivious to the fact that Gokooze must have married Chi-Chi by now, but, then nobody seeks a marital relationship in the domain of the adult movies anyway.
In this parody, Gokooze probably sleeps with various villains from Dragon Ball Z, and the trailer highlights Majin Buu (Majiin Booty?). Prickollo is also mentioned when the Namekian makes some references to the vibrator of Ballman, and Vegeta has also been renamed anatomically, and we don’t think you would find to figure out what the new name would be.
In case you think this kind of film makes the Super Saiyan appealing to you, then go ahead and check it out. However, we must caution you that might never be able to look at Goku in the same light again. The movie promises to meet the weirdest fan-fiction fetishes that people have. Therefore, it is for you to evaluate whether this parody outperforms Dragonball Evolution in qualitative terms.

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