10 Things You Didn’t Know Saiyans Can Do (Because They Never Do)

Without Saiyans, Dragon Ball would barely be an anime worth watching. Saiyans are responsible for making Dragon Ball the iconic anime franchise it is with their legendary transformations, limitless power, and complex history.

Over the years, fans have learned many facts about the Saiyans and their abilities, but there are also many things about this warrior race that many fans don’t know, all because they just don’t do these things enough. Of course, we all learned astonishing and interesting facts about them, like how they can transform by concentrating energy in their back or that they can pretty much eat twice their own weight in seconds, but there’s just so much more to Saiyans than that.

  1. They Can Cut And Style Their Natural Hair

Vegeta once stated that a pure-blooded Saiyan’s hair doesn’t change from the day they were born, which Goku followed up with the fact that he never needed a haircut. But of course, this doesn’t mean that Saiyans’ hair can’t be cut in general.

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta opted for a more modern, shorter cut, one that many fans still feel to this day, was a mistake.

2. They Can Grow Back Their Tails In Adulthood

After Vegeta lost his tail, it never grew back, and Goku lost his tail for good towards the end of Dragon Ball as well. While fans may think a Saiyan’s tail won’t grow back after a certain age, it actually won’t grow back the minute a Saiyan’s base form exceeds their level of power as a Great Ape.

While this happened for Vegeta a long time ago, he was able to regrow his tail in seconds with the help of Bulma’s Blutz Wave Generator in Dragon Ball GT. This means that with the help of the right tools, a Saiyan could be reunited with the one part of their body that separates them from humans.

3. They Can Grow Facial Hair

King Vegeta was always shown sporting an impressive beard and mustache combo the likes of which no other Saiyan possessed, but after three years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta emerged with facial hair just like his father’s, along with Goku, who also managed to grow a mane that was just as impressive.

It’s reasonable to assume that because of their slower aging, Saiyans most likely grow facial hair at a slower rate than humans as well, but as fans learned, that doesn’t mean they can’t do so entirely.

4. They Can Get Sick From Common Diseases

Despite being so powerful and resistant to harsh temperatures, Saiyans can get sick like anyone else. Goku found himself the victim of a common Earthling heart virus at one point, meaning that even he can’t attack-proof his immune system as much as he can his muscles.

5. They Can Pick Up The Smallest Scent

While it has largely been demonstrated through Goku’s superior sense of smell, Saiyans have shown the acute ability to pick up even the tiniest aroma. In Dragon Ball, Goku used his nose to locate people and things often; he used it to locate the stone that Master Roshi hurled into the forest for he and Krillin’s test, tracking Roshi’s scent to its precise location, not to mention the fact that he was able to smell Bulma approaching her house during his first visit to West City, long before he could see her.

6. They Can Become Something Other Than Warriors

When the Saiyans were first introduced, they were portrayed as a race composed only of warriors, but Dragon Ball Super: Broly made it a point to show that Saiyans had the choice of becoming other things besides warriors. Fans saw Saiyan scientists, snipers, cooks, not to mention Beets, an engineer who carried a ray gun in case he ran into any trouble.

This makes Gohan’s pursuit of academics a lot more reasonable since even pure-blooded Saiyans who were born and raised on Planet Vegeta didn’t have an insatiable urge for combat.

7. They Can Heal Themselves Using God Ki

During Goku’s rematch against Beerus in Dragon Ball Super, Beerus managed to puncture Goku’s chest, leaving him to fall to Earth with a gaping hole just above his heart. While it looked like the end for him unless he got his hands on a Senzu bean, his newfound Super Saiyan God powers healed him, sealing the wound with a fresh layer of skin and erasing all signs of Beerus’ attack.

Even as a Super Saiyan Blue, Goku never utilized this ability ever again, but there’s no denying that it happened. Since powerful Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta are so focused on raising their strength and developing explosive attacks, they most likely won’t focus on other aspects of god ki, like its potential for healing lethal wounds.

8. They Can Still Fight As Elders

Due to a Saiyan’s slow aging process, the only elder Saiyan fans have seen has been Stabba, a character from the Nintendo 3DS game Dragon Ball Fusions. Despite her wrinkled skin and old bones, she was enough to intimidate her young headstrong, opponents, and her age didn’t slow her down a bit.

It seems like even if a Saiyan loses their healthy skin, they still maintain a sharp battle sense and physical stature that will allow them to perform just as well as they did when they were in their prime.

9. They Can Burn Through Rock With Their Urine

During the Buu Saga, fans often don’t remember the moment in which Goten and Trunks decided to stop for a pee break. Once both young Super Saiyans started to empty their bladders, steam began to rise into the air as the two attempted to carve their names into the rocks beneath them. This meant that a Super Saiyan’s bladder also got a boost after they transformed!

Of course, this isn’t something that Saiyans do frequently, since most of them are mature enough to go to the bathroom before a big battle, but still, the fact that Super Saiyan urine was enough to effortlessly burn through rock means that a vial of it alone would be enough to beat Hercule.

10. They Can Overcome The Strain Of Super Saiyan 3

Out of all the Super Saiyan forums currently in existence, Super Saiyan 3 seems to have the most drawbacks. Despite granting the user an incredible amount of power, it’s extremely difficult to maintain for long enough to make it effective in an actual fight. And while Goku has mastered stronger Super Saiyan forms, like Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, he still doesn’t have a good grasp on Super Saiyan 3.

In fact, only the ancient Saiyan Cumber, who was introduced in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, has shown the ability to use Super Saiyan 3 at its fullest potential. While there may be something unique about his DNA that enables him to do this, he’s shown that Saiyans do have the capacity to turn this form from a huge liability into a secret ace in the hole.

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