How Dragon Ball Super’s King Vegeta Could FINALLY Beat Goku [Video]

CBR looks at how Dragon Ball Super’s Vegeta could eventually beat Goku.

Ever since the introduction of the hero who was the Dragon Ball Z hero, Vegeta and Goku have been fierce rivals. While their relationship has somehow softened in recent years, Vegeta still intends to surpass Goku whenever and wherever possible – and his time may just come. In this new video, we’ll take a look at how the Dragon Ball Super can see how Vegeta ended up beating Goku.

Goku excels all vegetables. After being defeated by Goku and Z-Fighters on Earth, the two reunited and fought Frieza in Namek. Thinking he was Super Saiyan, Vegeta took Frieza and was severely beaten for that. Frieza then killed Vegeta, although it resurrected the hero with Dragons Balls. When he finally found himself back on Earth, Vegeta discovered that Goku had become a Super Saiyan and defeated Frieza. Since then, Goku has been one step ahead of Vegeta in terms of transformation and skills. To get his own Super Saiyan version, Vegeta had to work harder, harder than Goku – and that could be the reason he would eventually beat his old rival.

See the video below for more details on how Vegeta could end up beating Goku.

Dragon Ball Super was the latest installment in the franchise, not to mention Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ original net animation. While it is not clear when the series will return – or if – the series, the Dragon Ball franchise is popular, it is unlikely that it will last long. The manga is currently expanding to the Dragon Ball Super end, taking Goku and Vegeta into space to fight the invading Moro. However, it is not clear that it will pull on that scene when the anime returns.


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