20 DBZ Memes About The Pandemic That Are Actually So Funny

We all need a little bit of humor to get through these scary and uncertain times. We are lucky that the Internet is there to provide us with funny and creative memes to make our day better. And it’s even better when you throw Dragon Ball Z into the mix.

Here is the list which will introduce you to some of the best Dragon Ball Z memes about the pandemic that are too relatable and funny.

1. Somewhere Empty

2. When The Air Clears Up

3. Gotta Start Collecting Them

4. If You Know You Know

5. Feels Bad

6. She’s Winning 2020

7. Me IRL

8. Why Is This So True

9. As Long As Snake Way

10. Accurate

11. You Peaked

12. When Goku Can Cut Hair Better Than You

13. The Secret To Unlocking Ki

14. Vegeta Be Like

15. Spirit Bomb

16. Wash Your Hands

17. Time For Another Marathon

18. When We Need Her Most

19. We’ve All Been There

20. So Bad

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