16 Gender-Swapped Versions Of DBZ Characters That Actually Look Really Good

What would Dragon Ball Z’s Goku or Vegeta look like as female Saiyans? Or Chi-Chi as the Ox-Prince? It’d definitely be cool to see beloved DBZ characters swap genders. And thankfully, there are plenty of fan artists who do just that. From reimagining Frieza into a cute anime girl or Android 18 into a buff guy, these talented artists on the Internet have created some truly mind-blowing gender-swapped fan art.
  1. Vegeta
2. Goku Black
3. Broly
4. Android 18
5. Bardock
6. Majin Buu
7. Bulma & Chi-Chi
8. Yamcha
9. Zamasu
10. Whis
11. Future Trunks
12. Goku
13. Frieza
14. Captain Ginyu
15. Android 17
16. Krillin

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