10 Best Dragon Ball Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

Cosplay is never easy when it is done accurately. These Dragon Ball cosplays went above and beyond to look as accurate as possible.
You might know how to yell out every special attack in English and Japanese. You might have seen every single Dragon Ball episode known to man, along with all of the movies, GT, and every released episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.You can probably recite the entire plot of Dragon Ball Z without the need for a cheat sheet, and you might even still be playing Xenoverse 2, but if you have never attempted to dress up as your favorite Dragon Ball Z character at least once, you’re not as big of a Dragon Ball fan as you think. Below are 10 admirers of the franchise who went above and beyond the call of duty. Ever wonder what some of your favorite characters would look like if they managed to break out of your screen? Well you’re in luck, because these ten cosplayers truly outdid themselves. 1. Justyna Sosenka: Kid Buu
With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, Justyna Sosenka is a cosplayer of legend. Although it is clear by her Landscape Architecture degree that she knows her way around complicated shapes, Sosenka is a self-taught SFX makeup artist. Her takes on characters across popular franchises such as Pokemon, My Hero Academia, and even Game of Thrones are so real-looking, that it could easily become the stuff of dreams or even nightmares. Scroll through her page and you’ll find the most realistic Dragon Ball Z cosplay you’ve ever seen. Her Kid Buu cosplay is especially terrifying, giving fans another reason to be thankful that this stuff isn’t real. The attention to detail in the pores along his head and chest are something to note. If there’s ever another Dragon Ball Z live-action remake, we’re not watching unless she’s part of the SFX department. 2. Danny McFly: Android 16
Known as @dannymcfly_cosplay on Instagram, this Austria-based cosplayer gives Android 16 the respect he deserves with a stunning recreation of the gentle giant, fit with an accurate red mohawk, foam armor, and a muscle suit to give him a body that would’ve taken way too long to get in the gym on his own. Android 16 never really gets the respect he deserves, but Danny McFly definitely went out of his way to make sure that we remember the android that set the spark for Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation. He’s even photographed with birds, staying true to the peaceful, yet fierce fighter (although it would be pretty awesome to see him fight Trunks like that). 3. Kaikaiiak: Whis
Capturing the essence of Whis can be difficult for any cosplayer. Although he is a man, his delicate, smooth features are almost in direct contrast to some of the other more rugged, hardened male fighters across the Dragon Ball franchise. Kaikaiiak accurately portrays Whis’s serene look while also embodying the mystery that still surrounds him. She even has the signature staff that Whis constantly carries around, and manages to show off the angel’s love for all things culinary. Also, props for the correct shade of blue face paint and lipstick. There’s so many intricacies to cosplaying an angel, that Kaikaiiak deserves all of these props. 4. Naomi Moon: Fused Zamasu
Most Dragon Ball characters, despite being from other planets and universes, look just like humans, making them relatively simple to cosplay. Others like Piccolo or even Fused Zamasu possess features that aren’t exactly common amongst Earthlings, providing an extra challenge for cosplayers who wish to portray these characters as realistically as possible. Cosplayer Naomi Moon met this challenge head-on, managing to perfectly replicate the side of Zamasu’s body that turned purple after taking a full-power Kamehameha. The difference in texture on the sides of her face plus the addition of the molting purple arm and the Potara earrings really add to the terror of this entire ensemble. 5. Mr_Kame_Hame_Ha: Master Roshi
Known on Instagram by his handle. “mr_kame_hame_ha”, this cosplayer has gone above and beyond to portray everyone’s favorite Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi. Not only has he replicated several of Master Roshi’s signature looks from across the series, including that one time Master Roshi wore a fill suit minus the pants, but he even comes equipped with a purple turtle shell on his back, which hopefully isn’t as heavy as it is in the anime. This cosplayer has really thought of it all, possessing a nosebleed decoration for those moments when he just can’t contain himself during conventions. 6. Alex Drastal: Yamcha
Take one look at Alex Drastal’s Instagram page, and you’ll see that he’s a skilled anime cosplayer, but he also has a fondness for characters like Tarzan and even Princess Leia after she was captured by Jabba the Hutt (Star Wars fans know what this entails). His Yamcha cosplay is striking, and he captures the character’s aloof, teenage-like aura along with the coolness that made fans want to follow Yamcha’s development into Dragon Ball Z. He also captures the signature pose that Yamcha is mostly known for, complete with a severed Saibamen arm next to him to give any Dragon Ball fan flashbacks to one of the darkest moments in the series. 7. Laura Sanchez: Fasha
A cosplayer from Spain, Laura Sanchez (known online across multiple platforms by the tongue-twister of a name Nebulaluben) honors the first female Saiyan ever shown onscreen in the best way possible: with an extremely on-the-nose cosplay complete with a dark brown Saiyan tail wrapped around her waist as well as a green scouter identical to one that Fasha donned before being killed in Bardock – The Father of Goku. Fans of the series often forget about this character who is often overlooked when it comes to other female Saiyans like Kale and Caulifla who got more screentime. 8. Julian Jaye Louw: Future Trunks
Julian Louw, a South African actor, first went viral in a video by Barcroft TV that showed just how far he was willing to go to look like the first child of Bulma and Vegeta. He even dyed his shoulder-length locks purple! Even now, fans still get chills after thinking about the moment Trunks first arrived on the scene, demonstrating his power by destroying Frieza and King Cold without getting a scratch. Complete with sword and Capsule Corp. jacket, Julian has even restricted his diet and adopted a fierce exercise regimen to sculpt his body in the image of Trunks’s. He’s got no time for plastic surgery, and frankly, he doesn’t need it! 9. HearthofDevil: Piccolo
Known on Facebook as HearthofDevil, this cosplayer makes his presence known when dressing up as popular characters from movies, shows, and even videogames. His Piccolo costume is next-level, and apparently requires a lot of latex during the week that it takes to prep it. The antennas look so lifelike, and the pictures that HearthofDevil posts doing mundane tasks like shopping and filling up his car while wearing the costume are reminiscent of the Dragon Ball Z filler episode when Goku and Piccolo tried to learn how to drive. HearthofDevil can also put on the cape to complete his look, but honestly, without the cape he can even pass for King Piccolo. If you’re reading this HearthofDevil, you can thank us later. 10. Davide Ravera: Majin Vegeta
Look on Davide Ravera’s Instagram and you’ll quickly see that he is a Vegeta fan, appearing as the Saiyan Prince in his standard golden Super Saiyan form as well as his Super Saiyan God forms. His Majin Vegeta cosplay is particularly detailed, complete with the tattered blue jumpsuit and bloodstained face after the Vegeta’s back to back battles with Goku and Majin Buu. Goku and Vegeta are definitely some of the hardest characters to pull off when cosplaying due to swarms of critics ready to overanalyze every small flaw and detail, but Davide Ravera makes it difficult for anyone to refute the uncanny resemblance to Vegeta during one of his most controversial moments. Let’s just hope he doesn’t use Final Explosion at a convention or anything…

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