10 Times Dragon Ball Main Characters Cheated Death

There was no way out for these characters and they were supposed to be destroyed in battle, but they survived purely out of luck or circumstance.

When it comes to anime characters with big hearts, Goku is among the top. This selfless hero has put his life on the line many times for friends and family who he loves along with everyone else on Earth. He’s become one of the most reliable characters there is because of this.

This has also made Goku definitely one of the most wholesome characters in the entirety of the Dragon Ball series and, of course, makes him the star of tons of wholesome moments throughout the series. In fact, his simple presence has been drowned in wholesomeness since his birth.

1. Bardock Sacrificing It All For His Son

The first wholesome Goku instance happens in his first moment when it actually comes to the canon timeline. Bardock’s final goodbye to his son is easily one of the most heartfelt moments of the series.

The selfless Saiyan gave his son a lot to live up to without even knowing it. He gave his life and only chance to actually raise his son up in order to attempt a singlehanded defeat of Frieza and his army and save his son along with his race.

2. Not Falling For Bulma’s Tricks

Fans know that Goku has never been the devious type going all the way back to his childhood as shown in the earliest parts of the Dragon Ball series.

The first showing of this was when Bulma attempted to trick him with seductive offerings. Of course, Goku had no clue what was going on thanks to his innocence and went on about his business.

3. Agreeing To Marry & Finally Marrying Chi-Chi

Another part of Goku’s innocence is having no clue what marriage is. Despite this fact, he still agreed to marry Chi-Chi when she made him promise to in order to make her happy.

Years later when these two met once again, Goku went through with his promise. The two concluded the Dragon Ball series with their wedding and one of the most adorable scenes in the series.

4. Inadvertently Naming His First Son After His Caregiver

After Gohan was born, the first challenge that came to Goku and Chi-Chi as parents was actually naming him. Between those two and Chi-Chi’s father, Ox-King, they had no clue.

Goku took a break from the ordeal, went fishing, and was asked by his wife if his Grandpa Gohan taught him any manners. Once Gohan perked up after hearing the name, the answer was clear.

5. Spending Time With His Family Before The Cell Games

Dragon Ball Z has some of the most enjoyed filler episodes out of many anime. One of the filler series of episodes featured Goku taking some cooldown time before the Cell Games.

During this period, he spent quality time with Gohan, Krillin, Chi-Chi, and the Ox-King cooking, fishing, and relaxing in nature all while wearing one of his best outfits.

6. Giving His Life Due To His Son’s Mistake

In the fight against Cell many mistakes were made, most of them by Goku and Vegeta. However, one fatal mistake was Gohan toying with Cell in his perfect form.

In the end during Cell’s last-ditch effort to explode himself and end the planet, Goku stepped in and, after a speech, gave his life with a smile in order to save everyone.

7. Asking To Not Be Wished Back After Death

After the ending of the Cell Games and the final defeat of Cell, the Z-Fighters attempted to immediately wish Goku from the dead but much to their surprise, Goku refused.

Instead of coming back, Goku asked his friends and family to let him stay dead, as he believed they would be safer without him attracting trouble.

8. His First Meeting With Goten

One moment that really stays in the mind of Dragon Ball fans everywhere when they think of the series’ wholesomeness is Goku’s first time meeting his second son.

Goku is allowed to return to Earth for a day to join the Martial Arts Tournament and finally gets to meet Goten. The two share a heartfelt moment that surpasses the need for words.

9. His Tractor Moment With Goten

During his first scene in Dragon Ball Super, Goku is working his farming job and asks that Goten work the tractor while he takes his lunch break.

Goten, enamored with Goku’s shadow training during work, rides the tractor off a mountainside. After saving his son, Goku tells him to pay attention to his training so he’ll be ready for the next foe that appears.

10. Pan & Her Grandpa’s Night Out

During one moment in Dragon Ball Super, Pan ends up kidnapped by Pilaf after Goku interferes with her babysitting date with Piccolo.

Of course, Goku and the others save her, much to the unknowing of Gohan and Videl. After this moment, Pan begins referring to Goku as “Gramps” and Goku gives a proud smile.

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