10 Most Iconic Anime Girls With Purple Hair

In fiction, purple hair often signifies that a character is stoic or arrogant, as it is a color associated with vanity and royalty.

Anime is filled with characters with all sorts of shocking hair colors, from blue to pink hair, not to mention characters that don’t even settle on just one color, either. Purple hair often signifies that a character is stoic or arrogant, as it is a color associated with vanity and royalty. It can also signify a connection to the supernatural.

In the world of animation, unrealistic hair colors are usually meant to stand in for real-world colors, and purple has the distinction of being used all over the spectrum. Dark purple sometimes represents black hair, but white hair is often colored as a pale shade of purple, too. It’s also not unheard of for purple hair to represent red or auburn hair, either. Of course, in anime, purple hair is sometimes just purple hair.

1. Sailor Moon: If Sailor Mars Doesn’t Have Purple Hair, She’ll Have Purple Highlights

Rei Hino, also known as Sailor Mars, tends to switch back and forth between black and purple hair in the original manga, Fans often assume her hair is meant to be black, but stylized as purple. The 90’s anime split the difference and made her hair black with purple highlights. Sailor Moon Crystal, however, went with making her hair dark purple, noticeably suiting her purple eyes.

Interestingly, the 90’s anime went the opposite direction with Queen Serenity. Her hair is either colored or highlighted with a light shade of purple, but fans believe it’s likely meant to be seen as white or silver.

2. Mermaid Melody: Caren Even Has Different Shades Of Purple Hair

Caren is the bitter, cold Mermaid Princess of the Antarctic Ocean. As a mermaid, she has bright purple hair and eyes, In her human form, her hair becomes a much darker shade of purple and her eyes become brown.

As mentioned, her purple hair is likely meant to signify her being the “mean girl” of the princesses, especially as she never integrates herself into the main trio. Given the visual influence of Sailor Moon, many fans believe she was partially inspired by Rei Hino.

3. Tokyo Mew Mew: Zakuro Fujiwara Is A Violet-Haired Lone Wolf

Zakuro Fujiwara, who transforms into Mew Zakuro, with the power of a gray wolf, has dark purple hair. As with the other girls, it tends to get brighter when she transforms. The manga once refers to her hair as black, although it’s still colored purple in manga illustrations.

Her connection to purple helps signify her as being the stoic, mysterious “lone wolf” of the group. She’s not completely aloof, though, as she does want the others to trust her. Considering she works as a model, it also helps paint her as elegant.

4. Ghost Stories: Momoko’s Hair Hints At Her Psychic Abilities

In this anime series, Momoko has light purple hair. Given that most of the other main human characters have black or brown hair, it’s likely meant to hint at her connection to the supernatural, particularly her psychic connection to spirits.

The English gag dub once poked fun at Momoko’s hair: a ghost trying to paint her portrait comments he’ll need purple for her hair and then breaks the fourth wall to comment he must be in an anime.

5. Soul Eater: Blair Has Purple Hair When Disguised As A Witch

Blair is a cat who has the ability to take on a more humanoid form, causing her to be mistaken for a witch. In this form, she has purple hair that curls up around her like a cat’s tail.

In her cat form, she tends to come off as m0re of a black cat, likely due to the association of black cats with witches. Her black fur seems to translate into her black witch’s costume rather than her hair. That said, sometimes her cat form is a dark purple.

6. Creamy Mami: Her Purple Hair Is Magic And Naturally Blue

When Yui transforms into the magical idol singer, Creamy Mami, her hair not only becomes light purple but also settles into a longer, poofy style.

As a testament to how colorful anime can be, Yui actually has blue hair when untransformed. The tie-in manga chose various hair colors for both Mami and Yui: purple, blue, and even green.

7. Ranma 1/2: Shampoo’s Purple Hair Was Going To Be Green

Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon warrior maiden seeking to murder Ranma, eventually falling in love with him. In the anime, her stylized hair is colored purple. It actually seems to change shades between episodes.

In the original anime opening, however, Shampoo is given green hair. It’s often been suspected that this was partially a shout-out to Lum from Urusei Yatsura, as many fans find both characters similar. However, her hair is purple in the series itself. In the manga, Lum’s hair was often blue in colored illustrations, with Ranma’s girl form often having purple hair.

8. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Milky Rose’s Purple Hair Might Have Been A Red Herring

In this series, the Cures obtain a mysterious ally named Mimino Kurumi who can transform into Milky Rose, who appears to have powers over wind and ice, and who draws power from the mysterious Blue Rose. Despite that, purple is her theme color, complete with thick purple hair.

Eventually, it turns out that Milky Rose is the alter-ego of Milk, one of the fairy mascots. In her true form. Milk isn’t purple at all, resembling a pink and white rabbit. It is likely she went with a purple theme because pink was already taken by Nozomi.

9. Haruhi Suzumiya: Yuki Nagato’s Hair Arguably Gets Even More Purple In The Spin-Off

In the original series, Yuki’s purple hair is a bit more subtle than other characters with purple hair, although it seems to take on a brighter hue in the spin-off, where she becomes the title character. That said, her hair is probably meant to be purple, as it’s a clue to her identity.

This is likely meant to hint at her true nature as a humanoid interface. as most of the other characters have more realistic hair colors, not to mention that other humanoid interfaces have been seen with blue and green hair. Of course, Tsuruya has green hair and it is never given a proper explanation.

10. Ghost In The Shell: Motoko Kusanagi’s Has Had A Lot Of Hair Colors

As the main protagonist of the Ghost in the Shell manga and anime series, Motoko Kusanagi is one of the most iconic figures in the anime industry, especially in the Western anime fandom.

Although one manga cover portrayed Motoko’s hair as a mix of blue and purple, it was also often colored brown, black, blue, or even purple in colored illustrations for the manga. Anime is also similarly inconsistent about her hair, with Stand Alone Complex especially portraying it as purple.

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