Vegeta Is More Smarter Than Goku Except in ONE Way

Dragon Ball has long been described as an ongoing rift between the Goku and Vegeta frenemies. Here’s how their intelligence is compared.

There is no competition or controversy in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, famous for its infinity, which may be the icon over Goku and Vegeta’s long rival. Cooling back at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z manga/anime series, the two Saiyans have always tried to communicate to be more potent in the Dragon Ball Multiverse.

While this power race has fallen to the ground and flows through physical comparisons, the question remains which of these two long-time women is the smartest of the two? With Vegeta, something of a technology expert, and Goku, who holds a unique understanding of the world’s fast-paced ways, it can make arguments with anyone. However, what adds Goku to the forefront: intelligence.

Goku being as simple as a country boy has become a running joke of many franchises. Raised on his own in Mount Paozu by his adoptive grandfather Gohan until the age of 11, Goku remains unfamiliar with worldly ways, unfamiliar with concepts such as kissing and holding a regular job jokingly to get a driver’s license. Vegeta faced a polar, born and raised as a Saiyan dynasty, and worked toward Frieza’s favor after a villain destroyed the Saiyan homeland secretly. The elite within the Frieza Force, Vegeta grew up strong and focused on war and victory.

Goku and Vegeta’s martial arts teacher Whis, in the following anime series Dragon Ball Super, probably summarizes the differences between the two best Saiyans. During a meeting with two of his attackers simultaneously, Whis noted that Vegeta was an intelligent, next-step man who always planned what his next step would be in a war of attrition. Prop proper, however, kept Vegeta from allowing entry into the free fight zone and prevented her from gaining the Ultra Instinct version. Since Vegeta is mentally unable to get out of his way, Goku has the edge as a more natural fighter, allowing him to achieve a radical change.

Since his controversial decision-making, Vegeta has come a long way, but there is still much to learn from Goku’s universal peace and removal from his worldview. On the contrary, Goku’s most visible naivete on the world’s roads will continue to be a running joke and describe its character. This compassionate hero only understands fighting and doesn’t care much about the rest of the world. Goku and Vegeta are very good at what they do in their way, reaching into their minds and perspectives.

The difference between Vegeta’s ingenuity and Goku’s ingenuity is seen in the two warriors’ tactics’ superiority. According to his birthright, Saiyan, Vegeta is constantly tormented by the inner demon of living to be a powerful hero in his race. That means his hubris often get in the way – as evidenced by letting Cell be perfect worried about passing rivals like Goku.

Goku is often very effective in finding the prop proper. He wants to be the best fighter he could be, but he is not afraid to admit that Cell is more substantial than him or that his son Gohan has taken his place as the world’s strongest hero. This level of peace is shown by Goku’s willingness to sacrifice himself in war; Vegeta’s only sacrifice came when Prince Saiyan still compared himself to Goku as he fought in vain against Majin Buu.

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