Yu-Gi-Oh!! Kaiba Would Make These 10 Wishes On The Dragon Balls

Kaiba had the power to control the Dragon Balls, and it would have been exciting to see what he would like to do.

No matter how fans feel about Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba !, they know he can put his money where his mouth is about his expertise in duel monsters. Like Seto Kaiba, the Dragon Ball franchise featured many characters with ambitions, and people deserved to be feared and respected.

Unlike Kaiba, these Dragon Ball characters have the potential to change their lifestyle and more, thanks to the magic of Dragon Balls. If Kaiba had the power to control the Dragon Balls, it would have been exciting to see what he would like to do.

1. You Wanted You To Get The White Eyes Blues From Yugi’s Grandfather Without Yugi’s Knowledge

Despite the many horrible things Kaiba has done in anime, one of his biggest mistakes is stealing Yugi’s precious Blue-Eyes White Dragon card from him. Kaiba’s actions not only upset Yugi but will eventually lead to Kaiba’s first loss against him after Yugi played his winning Exodia duel monster to eliminate Kaiba’s remaining monsters.

Moreover, this defeat will drag Kaiba to his grave, and even after receiving redemption from Yugi during the Duelist Kingdom arc, he still holds a grudge against him from that initial loss. So, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Kaiba wanted to change the events of that duel with Dragon Balls.

2. He wished that Pegasus would never be kidnapped or injured in a robbery

Although he has good intentions to save his brother from Pegasus, Kaiba’s confrontation with him is one of Kaiba’s worst rivals, considering how many times Pegasus defeated him during their dance. His defeat could be karma that makes him better by humiliating Yugi and Atem while fighting them.

Pegasus’s thinking made him look like a fighter for mature violence and made this battle that Kaiiba would not want to remember. Removing himself from his failed attempt to save his brother from Pegasus, Kaiba may wish Moba could be kidnapped and removed from his sight.

3. He Wanted To Have A Monster Duel Card Always

While the Deep-Eyes White Dragon could be the most robust card Kaiba has on his deck, that would not stop him from looking for all the monster duel cards available as long as it would make him feel like a very advanced player.

Kaiba has shown interest in collecting the most potent duel monster cards in the series, and it would not be a shocking wish for him to do so. Evidence of Kiba’s hunger for powerful cards is evident during the Battle City Tournament when Kaiba claimed he wanted the cards of the God of Yugi and Marik.

4. He Wanted His Father To Be The Best Provider For Him And His Brother

Although some people do not accept Kaiba’s decisions in the anime, there are many good things that Kaiba has done in the anime. One of these was to take over the Kaiba Corp. removed it from his adoptive father, Gozaburo Kaiba. Although Kaiba hoped that Mukuba would live a good life with a gentleman, Gozaburo harassed and ridiculed them.

Kaiba set traps to swipe Gozaburo’s company from under his nose in a row. However, given the Dragon Balls, Kaiiba does not have to worry about wanting his father to be someone they can admire as a father figure.

5. He Wanted His First Parents Not To Pass

Like most media outlets, many anime characters have painful backs and downs about killing and losing loved ones. Although Kaiiba was a catchy and proud person to many fans, he is also an anime character with a sad history. At a young age, both Mukuba and Seto’s parents died, and it sent them to an orphanage.

Although Seto and Mukuba had relatives, they did not want anything to do with them and refused to send them benefits at their parents’ will. To avoid the mistakes that will soon follow Seto and his brother, he wishes his parents had never died.

6. He Wanted To Be Able To Fight The Mind Whenever He Wanted Without The Technical Outcome To Reach Him

Despite having a tragic past, Kaiiba is known for disobeying duel monster rules to protect him from defeating his opponents. In the Duelist Kingdom arc, Kaiiba risked his life to defeat Atem and Yugi to get a chance to face Pegasus in the hope that his brother would return.

Moreover, this was the only major victory he had over the two, as he would later lose something with their hands. In Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Side Of Dimensions, Kaiba’s rivalry with Atem has grown to the point where he makes a machine that will allow him to visit him earlier. To save money and time, you wish to remove Atem whenever you like.

7. He Wanted He Never Lost Yug In His First Attack Against Him

While many reminders of “Kaiba’s Defeat” make people laugh today, his first defeat by Yugi is something Kaiba doesn’t want to see in his diet. Although this duel has led Kaiba to improve his skills as a duelist, a defeat that makes his head produce minor impacts on his mind.

Moreover, Kaiba’s defeat in the first match confirmed to Kaiba that his Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards meant nothing compared to Yugi’s powerful Exodia card. While Yugi may no longer have Exodia, Kaiba may wish he could lose that duel against him.

8. He Wanted A Great Theme Theme He Can Visit His Brother To Be Anytime He Wants

While most characters in the anime do not appreciate Kaiba’s kind deeds as much as Yugi’s, Kaiiba has a heart. As a child, Kaiba told Moba he wanted to make a theme park to play and have fun for him and his brother.

Although Kaiba has fulfilled his promise to his brother later in the series, Kaiiba has no problem saving a few dollars if he asks Drag Balls to build a powerful amusement park for his brother that no one can hurt. It would be one of the few self-sacrificing wishes he could make to them.

9. He Wanted To Prevent Alister From Attempting To Destroy His Company’s Image

Kariba is an intelligent man who has a great deal of knowledge about Duel Monsters, but there are times when he may be deceived by people who see him as inferior. At the time of awakening the Dragons arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba had problems with stocks, as someone bought all the “stock” he needed to build Kaiba Land.

Considering how much Kaiba wanted to realize his brother’s dream of a theme park, he was not happy with Alister, posing as Pegasus at the time, trying to ruin his company and steal his brother’s dream. Therefore, Kaiba should wish Alister not to interfere with his plans.

10. He Wanted To Be The Greatest Duelist Of All Time

Although Kaiiba valued his relationship with his brother, lived a rich life, and defeated many influential artists, he still felt that he had not achieved everything he wished to achieve. Atem’s defeat to become the world’s leading winner is Kaiiba’s dream for many years, and it is best illustrated in the film Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Side Of Dimensions.

Although Kaiba wanted nothing more than to beat Atem in the match for the title, he would not hesitate to make a wish that would allow him to be crowned world champions without making an effort.

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