Dragon Ball: These 5 Moves Are Surprisingly Powerful

Dragon Ball is full of combat tactics. However, these five, in particular, have different strengths.

Some of the fighting moves in Dragon Ball Z are honored. The Kamehameha Wave has downplayed some of the best enemies, Kaio-Ken offers a deep boost, and the Spirit Bomb, while coming at a higher cost, humiliates some of the biggest saga gangsters. However, some of the most glamorous minor moves in the Dragon Ball series are among the most extensive powers.

These other techniques are also applicable to war, but, better or worse, they can be used or not enjoyed by fans throughout the series. Some of these measures are costly, but they are also among the most successful but unintended attacks.

Evil Containment Wave

Evil Containment Wave has been used a few times throughout Dragon Ball history, and despite its incredible power, it is not used nearly enough. It was founded by Master Mutaito, who also trained Master Roshi, a wave designed to have demonic organizations. Sounds powerful, but it comes at a cost. The first time it used it to shut down the Demon King Piccolo, Mutaito died. As Master Roshi explains in the Dragon Ball Super manga, the enemy becomes more substantial, and it takes more power to close the target. However, once that Target is closed, that’s all.

Another downside to the Evil Containment Wave is that, as Piccolo pointed out, when Kami tried to move him, it could easily be changed by someone waiting to be attacked. During the Dragon Ball Super era, Frost can reverse the attack to shut down Vegeta instead. Other than that, this step works very well when facing Zamatsu – until it becomes clear that the bowl will not hold for long. No matter if the Evil Containment Wave could shut down an influential person like Zamatsu, that would be up to him if it made this move right.

Tri-Beam Cannon

One of Dragon Ball’s most iconic, Tri-Beam Cannon, is one of Tien’s signature attacks. By putting his life force into a single wave of energy, he can strike at almost anyone who stops. No matter how strong that person is, it will put him on Earth if this attack attacks.

What makes Tri-Beam Cannon so impressive is how it works until it’s too late for Dragon Ball Z. After a certain point, most of the human fighters were suddenly overtaken by the ever-growing forces of Saiyans. Piccolo finally includes Kami to surpass the power of Super Saiyan. On the other hand, people had fewer letters to increase their power. Of course, Tien holds the Imperfect Cell down with a bunch of Tri-Beam Cannons characters, proving he is much more potent than Piccolo at the time. The attack almost killed Tien in the process, but again, Imperfect Cell also failed to beat him.

Solar Flare (Sunlight)

Not all attacks on Dragon Ball need to eliminate a target. Sometimes, blinding them worked as a means of escape. Solar Flare is a very unusual standard that everyone who seems to be familiar with Dragon Ball. Tien first developed this step and later read it by many of his colleagues and rotten people like Cell. Also, Tien seems to be an expert at using persuasive techniques that seem very useful.

What makes Solar Flare so valuable is that no matter how intense the opponent is – it will blind them. While Solar Flare may not touch, say, the blind hero Majora, it will keep Frieza inactive for a while. This move is beneficial and effective against Beerus in the Drag Ball Super and the Power Championships against Caulifla.

Destructo Disc

Destructo Disc is one of those fantastic signature skills that everyone admits to being a special attack, yet it is rarely used successfully in battle. It is a small disk with powerful, sharp, and fantastic signature skill and powerful enough to draw almost anything. It hit Frieza several times before the alternative use. This move separated Buu from the outside – however, being Buu, it didn’t last long.

The one part that makes Destructo Disc so worthwhile is how many objects there are around. During the Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, Krillin carried out the Destructo Disc Triple Blade attack, in which the disc splits into multiple projectiles, making it challenging to avoid. Goku also creates a different kind of attack that aims to free Jiren without limits. The blade remains helpful in the series’s depths because, unlike conventional ki-explosive power, there is always a practical application in an attack designed to cut a person open.

Stone Spit/Metal Breath

Dabura is a lesser-known henchman in Dragon Ball Z, but his saliva is still the most vicious and nightly night in the whole process. Walking is easy – Dabura spits on a target, and they turn to stones. The target may return to normal when Dabura dies and when. It’s simple and straightforward, but it works with minimal damage because Buu killed Dabura immediately after his first appearance.

Dabura’s spell is the most effective weapon in Dragon Ball, as it is a fast-paced kill. There are other types of travel. In Dragon Ball GT, General Rildo uses Metal Breath, an attack that passes parts of what is intended to be metal. It is less effective than Stone Spit, which turns its goal entirely into stone. However, the result – paralysis and possible immediate death – is the same.

Transmutation attacks like this are seldom used in Dragon Ball, with explosive attacks taking precedence. They do, however, demonstrate that wars can be won in more ingenious and inventive ways. It isn’t always important to smack down a goal. Simply render them helpless.

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