14 Mind-Blowing Dragon Ball Z Fan Theories

The only complex thing in the extended universe of Dragon Ball Z, with its future kids going on, android sleep agents, and after-life exercise routines, are the beliefs of fans’ opinions about Drag Ball Z. DBZ is one of its most popular anime series all the time, especially in Western countries. It is a franchise that continues to spice up quality content in the 21st century. Goku and his friends have been around for decades, which has allowed them to build an impressive, varied fanbase. And when there are fans, there are always fan opinions.

Even the most dedicated DBZ fans can admit that there have not always been powerful platforms, leaving a lot of space for fans to think and guess. And it’s an amazingly long franchise, between Dragonball, Dragon Ball Z, and several upcoming body births, the story itself that took place in decades of universal space. That leaves a lot of time and space for fans to fill their Super Saiyan thoughts. Check out the craziest conspiracy theories about DBZ below and vote on the most convincing ones that could be true.

1. It’s Been A Long Time Since The Last Super Saiyan Didn’t Allow Them To Transform Because Their Lack Of Emotion

It’s been a long time since the last Super Saiyan because their lack of emotion did not allow them to change.It is said that before Goku, Super Saiyan, he had not seen him for over a thousand years. And that’s true, for the most part – if you don’t mind, Broly. That’s why the ability to go to Super Saiyan has been reduced to fairy tales and why it’s still so scary when Goku converts. However, that was quickly followed by all the other Saiyan and half-Saiyan in the show to Super Saiyan. Why was it so far between Super Saiyans when there was nothing you could do?

The user of Reddit friskyding01 thinks he should blame Saiyan culture. They point out that the Super Saiyan transformation seems to be emotionally linked, and the Saiyans spend generations as an unsympathetic army of machine guns for Frieza-type warlords. Perhaps the Saiyans did not increase their ties or became very angry until Goku and his friends arrived.

2. Five-Minute Fight Of Goku And Frieza’s Takes Hours Because You’re Seeing It In Super Slo-Mo

One of the “conspiracy holes” that fans often show happened at the end of the Frieza Saga when poor Fereza made poor Planet Namek collapse in five minutes. He and Super-Saiyan Goku then continued to fight for more than an hour on several episodes. What does it offer? Reddit user Newgrewshew has a clean and orderly description – what viewers see is a slow-moving motion of war. Goku and Frieza’s electricity levels were so funny at the time that they went much faster than the human eye could imagine, explaining the need for slo-mo.

3. Kai’s Lowest Form Are Namekians

The Namibians are some mysterious race with unique skills, not the least of Dragon Balls’ performance that offers wishes. Reddit greybush333 thinks that the source of these magical abilities is the shared heritage of Kai, a multi-story, god-like race in the DBZ universe. Specifically, greybush333 thinks Namibians are the slowest route to Kai. Kai’s most popular form currently shares some physical features with Namibians, such as sharp ears and horns. Their magical abilities are almost identical, such as the ability to hear events at great distances.

4. Humans And Saiyans Are Somehow Related

There is good reason to believe that Saiyans and humans are related somehow, as someone in the WildTassope of WildMassGuessing thought. The physical similarity is obvious. The only real difference between the two species is the tail, something that exists in the evolutionary history of Homo Sapiens. There is also the fact that Dragon Ball Z contains many examples of Saiyans successfully interacting with humans, which promotes genetic make-up similar to humour.

Other possible explanations for how the Saudis and the people are related include species that share the same ancestor who lived in the Galaxy or two people of the same species separated by intergalactic forces.

5. Frieza Is Just A Kid

Frieza is a slim, down-to-earth, and fun-loving slut with its proud voice that boasts every word. He is King Joffrey of his time, and both can best be described as “brats.” Perhaps another appropriate topic for both of them would be “a child-loving ruler.” After all, there is a good chance that Frieza is just a teenager.

Reddit user Billogi suggests that, noting that fans do not know the life cycle of the Frieza genres – all known to have long life spans. Frieza’s father, King Cold, is much older than they are in their primary forms, and Frieza is brave and angry. The good thing is that Goku has given him endless time.

6. While Goku Was In Super Saiyan Mode
Goten Was Conceived

Many fans thought it was strange when Goku’s second son, Goten, reached the level of Super Saiyan at a very young age and Vegeta’s son, Trunks. The series had done such a great thing in Super Saiyan, and now kids can do it freely. Logic_Nuke, a user on Reddit, thinks there might be a hot secret after that. Goten got pregnant just before the Mobile Games, and Goku spent all his time in Super Saiyan mode to get used to it. Logic_Nuke thinks Goku and Chi-Chi spent some quality time together while Goku was Super Saiyan, which led to a child who could go to Super Saiyan right away. Kinky!

7. Krillin Is Objectively The Best Fighter In Dragon Ball Z

Most Dragon Ball Z fans don’t need to be told that Krillin is the best, but it’s good to have strong evidence to support that assertion. Reddit user Delta_Blues offers it to Krillin’s well-written division of beauty. Krillin is, after all, the most robust character in the series, and his levels of power reach unimaginable heights without the need for repetitive effects with Super Saiyan conversion or mixing. Krillin has a few badassery shows of his exemplary skills, such as taking out all the Saibamen at once or fighting Frieza and Buu. If one counts Super Saiyan mode as cheating, then Krillin is the best fighter in DBZ.

8. Bulma DID Wish For A Boyfriend… And Caused The Saiyan Saga

Character motives in Dragonball are often more respected than those seen in Dragon Ball Z. For example, Bulma spends most of the series looking for Dragon Balls to wish a boyfriend. Of course, he never achieves that goal, and he goes on to other ways. Or is it ?

There is a lot of time between Dragonball and Dragon Ball Z, as Reddit user OPs_Hot_Mom points out. That allows Bulma to collect Dragon Balls privately at least once. If she wanted a boyfriend, fans know that Shenron could not only imagine she was a little ghost, but she could send a man to Bulma the way. Coincidentally, just after the launch of Dragon Ball Z, Bulma’s future husband, Vegeta, finally looks at the Earth. OPs_Hot_Mom thinks that Bulma’s secret ambition has set the whole Saga War on.

9. Goku Is The Only Thing Preventing Earth From Taking Over The Galaxy

Although Saiyans are the stars of the Dragon Ball Z, the human race achieves great things. Characters like Krillin and Tien end up being strong enough to take on someone like Frieza, who once thought you were invincible. Perhaps even more impressive is the abuse of Bulma and her father. Who invented such things as the speed of light rather than the morning and the timepiece. That says nothing about Dr. Gero and his androids! Reddit user ConstantCompile thinks that people would have risen and taken over the entire recording period without Goku’s introduction to Earth. Imagine King Krillin taking Frieza’s empire one planet at a time, with his android wife and Bulma technology behind him.

10. The Gross Secret Behind Cell Juniors

When a large opposition cell reaches its Perfect form, it gains all kinds of new skills, such as over-producing the Cell Juniors team. How does that work? Unfortunately, the answer could be your local duo of Androids 17 and 18, according to a Reddit statusdriku12 user. To get Perfect Cell position, Cell had to suck 17 and 18, which means all their organs are inside her. Because 18 has a baby with Krillin, fans know that androids have genitals. Therefore, Cell asexual reproduction is likely to use 17 and 18 organs. The implication is disturbing.

11. Super Saiyan Transformations Are Fueled By Self-Hatred

Emotions empower the transformation of the Super Saiyan in some way. Goku’s first chance came shortly after the assassination of his best friend, Krillin. Gohan goes to Super Saiyan 2 when his father dies. These two examples have led many to think that the process is accompanied by loss or grief. However, Vegeta goes to Super Saiyan by simply striking asteroids and shouting at Kakarot. Some believe that change is linked to the purity of the heart, but, again, the Vegeta genius contradicts this.

A user of Reddit BoxDroppingManApe thinks the answer would be self-loathing and shame, which can register as similar to physical pain by increasing Saiyan power. In the case of Goku and Gohan, they felt guilty about not being able to save the people they cared for, and, in Vegeta’s case, it was a disgrace for him never to be stronger than Goku. However, as BoxDroppingManApe points out, this does not necessarily mean the slightest modification of Gohan or Trunks.

12. Piccolo Is Based On Batman

Piccolo is a fierce, uber-serious badass that enjoys nothing but a good beat while wearing a cap. However, apart from his vibrant exterior, Piccolo demonstrates a real working relationship with children, like Gohan, who trains him to fight evil. Sounds familiar? Someone in the WildMassGuessing section of TVTropes has assumed that Piccolo’s character is based on Gotham’s favorite crime fighter, and it’s much easier to see why. Even their words are the same! With the great discovery of the Batman character, it is unlikely that the Dark Knight did not influence the Piccolo character in any way.

13. Radditz’s Hair Indicates He’s Not A Full-Blooded Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z doesn’t seem like an exciting genre for genetic difficulty. Still, Reddit user thelamogio1 points out that all the bloodthirsty Saiyans in the game, like Goku and Vegeta, seem to have inherited their father’s hairstyles – all of them, that is, except Radditz. Radditz is Goku’s brother and the first opponent of the series. He has a massive head of hair that is almost identical to Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 hair, and thelamogio1 thinks this could have a significant impact. If the thing that gains inch is true, this could mean that Radditz is only Goku’s brother and half Saiyan in that. As seen in Trunks and Gohan, half-Saiyans do not inherit their father’s hair.

14. Super Mario Bros. Occurs In The DBZ Universe

This idea sounds like a long shot, but the Reddit ashmaht user makes it sound logical. Mario first fought a giant monkey, after all. Super Mario Bros game animals are also very similar to those seen in Dragon Ball Z, from strange flying fish to dinosaur pets. There is also the fact that Mario can throw fireballs in his hand. Maybe it’s his kind of Kamehameha Wave.

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