15 Greatest Kamehamehas in Dragon Ball Franchise History

Goku’s signature attack, the Kamehameha, is one of the most recognizable and well-loved moves in the Dragon Ball franchise. But Goku isn’t its only user, and a simple blast isn’t its only form. Actually, it’s an incredibly versatile move that shows up again and again throughout the Dragon Ball world. 

What are some of the best Kamehamehas in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, and all the rest? One of the most noteworthy ones is the Father-Son Kamehameha, in which Gohan channels his father’s energy to help him defeat Perfect Cell. There’s also the original Kamehameha, which is the version Master Roshi took 50 years to perfect. Then there’s the Final Kamehameha, a combination of Vegeta’s Final Flash and Goku’s most famous move. 

Which of these Kamehamehas is your favorite?

1. Feet Kamehameha

When Goku and Piccolo fight during 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku compensates for his inability to fly by creating a Kamehameha with his feet and using it to launch himself into the air. 

2. Supernova Kamehameha

After Cooler launched a Supernova towards Goku, Goku retaliated by slamming Cooler and his attack straight into the sun. Technically Goku could have destroyed the sun in the process, but it was so awesome that barely even matters.

3. Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha

In order to counteract Fused Zamasu’s Holy Wrath attack, Goku has to pull out his Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha and launch it at full power. The resulting explosion is so intense that it shattered Goku’s arms like he was Deku from MHA.

4. Goku’s First Kamehameha

While not nearly as powerful as the ones he’d manage later, Goku’s first Kamehameha is still among the most important. On his first try, the young boy was able to muster up enough energy to destroy a car. 

5. 10x Kamehameha

During his battle against a Baby Vegeta in his Golden Great Ape form, Goku uses a new version of Kamehameha that his Super Saiyan 4 form allows. While he doesn’t do much damage against the Ape, the scene has enough drama that it almost doesn’t matter. 

6. Big Bang Kamehameha

When Vegeta and Goku fuse into Gogeta during Dragon Ball GT, they’re able to combine Goku’s Kamehameha with Vegeta’s Big Bang technique. They use this against Omega Shenron. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to finish him off, and they lose their fusion before they can land another hit.

7. Kaio-ken 20x

After Frieza has wiped the floor with just about every other opponent, it seems impossible that anyone will be able to defeat him. Goku uses his Kaio-ken technique at 20x power in order to beef up his Kamehameha – and actually do some serious damage against Frieza.  

8. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Kamehameha

After combining two his Super Saiyan Blue powers with his Kaioken techniques, Goku is able to create a blast so incredibly strong that it broke the barrier around the arena. What makes this Kamehameha unique is that Goku actually walked inside of the blast in order to wail on his opponent, Hit. 

9. Final Kamehameha

Final Kamehameha is a move that combines Goku’s ultimate attack, the Kamehameha, with Vegeta’s equally powerful Final Flash. It can be used after going Super Saiyan Blue, and has been used against Fused Zamasu while the two were fused into Vegito, and used without any sort of fusion, as they did during the Tournement of Power. 

10. Family Kamehameha

This move is a combined Kamehameha from Goku and his two sons, Gohan and Goten, after Goten uses the Dragon Balls to wish for his father’s presence. It’s used against Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

11. The Original Kamehameha

The original Kamehameha was created by Master Roshi over the course of 50 years. Unlike some forms of the attack, which can be used instantly, this one requires some charging time. 

12. Clash Of The Kis

When Goku and Vegeta square off towards the beginning of DBZ, Vegeta unleashesa Galick Gun attack that he claims will destroy the planet. Goku counteracts it with a Kamehameha that he hopes will help him protect the Earth. 

13. Instant Transmission Kamehameha

While fighting against Perfect Cell, Goku charged a Kamehameha that was so powerful it could wreck a planet. Cell didn’t think Goku would actually let something like that loose, but he tricked Cell by using Instant Transmission to appear right next to Cell and plow the thing straight into his torso. 

14. Kamehameha Slide

While up against the fused Saiyan Kefla, Goku used her Gigantic Burst attack like railroad tracks for his Kamehameha energy ball. Once he slid towards her, he launched the ball at her with such intense force that it knocked her right out of the arena.

15. Father-Son Kamehameha

This is Gohan’s ultimate attack while in his Super Saiyan 2 form. When he fires up the Kamehameha, he’s able to summon his father’s spirit, which not only bolsters his courage but also dramatically increases his strength. He uses this against Cell in one of the series’ most epic moments.

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