15 Funniest Goku Vs Superman Memes To Prove Who Is Mightier

There are plenty of superheroes around, but, Superman and Goku are two of the most powerful pop culture supers. They both are the last remnants of a long-gone planet who found shelter on Earth. Instead of thinking that they were superior because of their super strength, both Kal-El and Kakarot subscribe to human morality and see themselves as the protectors of innocents. These two alien fighters have plenty of peculiarities separating them from each other. However, they are both devoted crusaders of justice who don’t think twice even sacrificing their own selves for the greater good.

Both are infamous for being incredibly powerful and invincible; talk has gone on for years about who would win if they fought each other. Even in a scenario where they are pressed to the wall, they have always managed to dive into a deeper power source and beat their enemy. Superman’s laser vision is similar to the Kamehameha wave of Goku, so their powers are also to an extent identical.
Sadly, this question is never going to get an official answer since both characters belong to different universes, and the fan debate is likely to keep going on and on.
We would rather say that you stop spiking your hair and have a look at these memes featuring Goku vs. Superman!

Genius and Stupidity

It’s a fun time

What did you say?

Impossible odds

Slow down bro

Baby warrior

Superman all the way

Kneel before me

Real friends

One hit wonder

I’m just saying

Batman’s skills

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