5 Techniques Vegeta Knows That Goku Doesn’t (& 5 Goku Knows That Vegeta Doesn’t)

Goku has decided to focus on angelic transformations whereas Vegeta has decided to focus on more grounded, destructive techniques.

For almost 30 years, Goku and Vegeta have been climbing the power ladder, constantly learning new transformations and techniques. As both Goku and Vegeta are Saiyans, one might expect their move list to be almost the same. While they do know many of the same techniques, there a handful of unique moves and powers that are exclusive to each Saiyan.

Despite doing most of their training together during the events of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta’s move lists have begun to diverge more as of late. Goku has decided to focus on angelic transformations whereas Vegeta has decided to focus on more grounded, destructive techniques and learning to control one’s spirit and internal energy.

1. Vegeta’s Move: Forced Spirit Fission Separates Energy

While this arc has yet to be adapted to the anime, the techniques Vegeta is able to learn on Yardrat are incredibly powerful and unique to the people of Yardrat, and now Vegeta. Yardrat is where Goku learned Instant Transmission but he didn’t bother to stay much longer and learn anything else.

While Vegeta did learn a basic version of Instant Transmission, his real prize was learning Forced Spirit Fission. This allowed Vegeta to separate and manipulate energy from an opponent, which came in handy against the energy vampire known as Moro. With Moro absorbing energy from planets and people, Vegeta was able to level the playing field by almost instantly removing whatever Moro had absorbed.

2. Goku’s Move: Ultra Instinct Unlocked During The Tournament Of Power

Goku finally achieves Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power which earns him the respect of everyone in attendance. Upon reaching this form, he is met by every God of Destruction standing in acknowledgment of a mere mortal achieving such a form, even Lord Beerus. Goku develops this technique more throughout the Tournament, though even with minimal experience he is able to do some serious damage.

Goku’s first major flex with this form is taking on Jiren which not only surprised Jiren but also his universe’s God of Destruction, Lord Belmod. He also manages to take Kefla out of the Tournament, which is impressive as she was one of the strongest fighters in the ring. Goku also goes the distance with Jiren at the end of the battle, duking it out for their universe’s survival.

3. Vegeta’s Move: Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Achieved During The Tournament Of Power

Vegeta reached this level of power during the Tournament of Power and it is essentially a perfected version of the Super Saiyan Blue form. While Goku has Kaio Ken to rely on for boosting his power beyond Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta never had that to fall back on so he broke through his power level ceiling to achieve Super Saiyan Blue Evolved.

Some fans speculate this form is on par with SSB Kaio Ken, up to a certain multiplier. In addition to the typical Super Saiyan Blue coloring, Vegeta’s eyes develop blue irises to match. Additionally, his godly blue ki aura sparkles as if ordained in a shower of divine glitter.

4. Goku’s Move: Super Saiyan 3 Against Majin Buu

The Super Saiyan 3 form has always been a divisive one among the fan base. Vegeta never saw the merit in using the technique since the power drain far outweighed the speed and strength benefits. Goku actually managed to teach this form to the fusion Gotenks, but considering they had to be a fusion to reach that transformation says something about the power level.

Goku was able to go toe-to-toe with Buu for a brief period before the transformation sapped him of too much energy and he was forced to resort to his base form.

5. Vegeta’s Move: Final Explosion To Try & Save His Family

Vegeta fully used this technique one time and in doing so sacrificed his life. Final Explosion is simply turning oneself into a bomb and Vegeta literally put everything he had into this move hoping it would be the end of Majin Buu. Vegeta thought that this was the only way for him to defeat Buu, and unfortunately, it was not.

Moments after Vegeta had blown himself to bits, some of the Z-Fighters arrived on the scene. Much to their surprise, they witnessed tiny shredded and diced granular bits of pink flesh coalesce and reform the dreaded Buu. While Vegeta’s sacrifice was a noble one, it ended up being rather meaningless.

6. Goku’s Move: Kaio Ken Learned From King Kai

Goku learned this move from King Kai, though he was hesitant to teach Goku and warned him to only use it as a last resort. Like other techniques, Goku ended up using this one for the first time against Vegeta. While he was able to defeat him by multiplying his base level power, it took quite a toll on his body and it took quite a long time for him to properly recover from it.

Goku has come a long way as he is now capable of stacking the Kaio Ken technique with the Super Saiyan Blue form, though this too extracts a great toll on Goku’s mortal body. He was able to go toe-to-toe with the time-bending assassin, Hit, by stacking these abilities. Though after the fight Goku temporarily lost control of his ki and could barely function.

7. Vegeta’s Move: Galick Gun (Trunks Knows It Too)

This technique is also another one that fans strongly considered to be a signature move of Vegeta. However, there have been a couple of other characters to perform this as well, including his son from the future. Though much like the Kamehameha Wave, the Gallick Gun is Vegeta’s move as he is the one who uses it best.

There is a fight during the Future Trunks arc where Vegeta and Trunks use this technique in tandem back-to-back in a true father-son moment. While many fans consider this a campy moment, others view it as an awesome display of power from Vegeta’s bloodline.

8. Goku’s Move: Spirit Bomb Was First Used Against Vegeta

The Spirit Bomb technique requires a pure heart in order to gather so much universal energy, which has led many fans to assume that Vegeta can’t even perform the technique given his marked past and constant anger. Ironically enough, it was against Vegeta that Goku first used this technique when he came to earth with Nappa.

Since then, Goku’s most prominent usages of this technique were during Dragon Ball Z Kai when he used it to completely obliterate Kid Buu and kept him from regenerating. The other comes during Dragon Ball Super when he attempted this technique against Jiren and inadvertently unlocked the most powerful form in the known multiverse, Ultra Instinct.

9. Vegeta’s Move: Final Flash (& Variations Of It)

Much like the Kahamehame Wave, the Final Flash technique is considered to be Vegeta’s signature finishing move. He first created the technique during one of his training sessions in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta uses this technique against foe and friend alike as he even used it against Goku during his time as Majin Vegeta.

This attack is so powerful it also managed to disintegrate a good portion of Cell’s body before he was able to regenerate it. Vegeta is even seen using this move against Magetta during their bout in the Tournament of Destroyers.

10. Goku’s Move: His Signature Kamehameha Wave

There are a couple of other characters in the franchise that have used the Kamehameha Wave before, but it is truly Goku’s signature technique as no one can do it quite as he can. He first learned it at a young age during his training days with Master Roshi and Krillin. While Krillin also learned the technique from their master, it was not his forte.

As a boy, Goku makes use of this technique during the World Martial Arts Tournament. In adulthood, the Kamehameha Wave has proven quite useful for Goku against many villains. This energy blast has put in work against the likes of Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, and more.

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