10 Pieces Of Yamcha & Bulma Fan Art That Show She Made The Wrong Choice

While Vegeta and Bulma were Dragon Ball’s endgame, these 10 awesome fan art pictures suggest the scientist might have been better off with Yamcha.

Prior to the introduction of a certain Saiyan prince, Bulma and Yamcha were Dragon Ball’s main couple, even if the manga/anime never prioritized romance. Ever since meeting in Dragon Ball’s fifth episode, Yamcha and Bulma felt a strong attraction to each other, one that would blossom into a relationship that spanned quite a number of years; however, the couple would break up during the three-year time skip prior to Dragon Ball Z’s Android saga.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine Bulma with somebody other than Vegeta, but what if fate had other plans? What if Yamcha was ready to commit his future to Bulma? Here are 10 fan art pictures that suggest Bulma might have been better off with Yamcha.

1. Family

Even if their paths eventually diverged, Bulma and Yamcha will always be linked through their shared pasts. Alongside Goku, Krillin, and Puar, the couple took on armies, Namekians, and whatever Emperor Pilaf happens to be. They lived a lifetime of adventures over the span of a couple of years, and these memories do not just disappear.

Vir Hyuga’s heartwarming scene might be a ripple from an era that has long since passed in Dragon Ball‘s universe, but the emotion it represents is timeless. Both for the characters and the fans who love seeing Bulma and Yamcha together.

2. Serenity

An adorable drawing, Gosha-Chan’s outdoors setting succeeds in heightening the scene’s sense of tranquillity and beauty. As Earth seems to be always on the verge of destruction in Dragon Ball Z and Super, the Z-Fighters are seldom allowed to properly relax. This was not as much of a case in the original Dragon Ball, as it was more of an adventure series than a full-blown action anime.

Naturally, Bulma and Yamcha both lead hectic lives, even as adults; however, they would probably be able to enjoy these types of moments quite regularly.

3. Love Triangle

If Dragon Ball was a rom-com, Bulma would be the main character while Vegeta and Yamcha would play the central love interests. Goku would have been left somewhere on the cutting room floor. Bulmasayan’s piece teleports the trio to a more realistic setting, with the artist picking some stylish clothes for each one.

Despite the painting’s completely different context, the characters still feel true to themselves, which serves as a testament to the author’s talent and hard work.

4. Innocence

Dragon Ball‘s sense of humor might be quite irreverent, but the original anime still has a certain innocence to it. Along with Goku’s pure nature, Bulma and Yamcha’s dynamic helped keep things rather lighthearted and sweet, as the two came across as two lovers who were bumbling through their first romance. That was particularly true with Yamcha.

Mikulishna’s fan art shows a Yamcha and Bulma who are completely comfortable with each other, a state seldom reached by any of Dragon Ball‘s couples.

5. Blushing

Despite the absence of color, SketchesbySylvia’s illustration is absolutely brimming with personality and life. Be it Yamcha’s blushing cheeks or Bulma’s delighted grin, there is no doubt that this is a sketch of a couple who are crazy about each other.

The lining is masterfully done, adding depth to the scene while providing a looseness that echoes the characters’ cheery demeanors. This is an art piece that is driven by emotion, and it is all positive.

6. Festival

A lot of the early stages of Vegeta and Bulma’s romance happened off-screen. While Dragon Ball Super dida respectable job of demonstrating Bulma’s positive influence on Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z dropped the ball by abruptly ending Yamcha and Bulma’s relationship.

BotanofSpiritWorld sticks close to the source material’s art style, although there are enough unique touches to allow this piece to stand on its own two feet. As great as Bulma and Yamcha are, the toys might be the stars of the show, especially the shadow work on the bear and penguin.

7. Autumn Walk

Spring might be more commonly associated with love, but an autumn setting can also prove magical when crafting romantic scenes. The leaves might wither and gray but Yamcha and Bulma’s relationship remains unaffected. It is quite an uplifting image.

In Gosha-Chan’s painting, Yamcha and Bulma’s colors are vibrant and warm, serving as a contrast to the colder tint that dominates the background. The drawing also does a fantastic job of showing Bulma’s confidence and Yamcha’s shyness around women, traits that define each character.

8. Romance

Brought to life through pleasant colors and sharp character designs, Bura’s illustration provides some insight into what Dragon Ball might have looked like as a shoujo romance anime. The image is defined by a certain softness that complements the premise, which is echoed by the drawing’s “I’ll Give You Romance” title.

In the series, Yamcha and Bulma met when they were only 16, and they were basically each other’s first loves. Bura’s painting reflects that naivety and wholesomeness often associated with teenage sweethearts.

9. Equal Footing

Once upon a time, Bulma and Yamcha had more of an active role in Dragon Ball‘s story. The former still shows up from time to time, but Yamcha might as well not even appear in Dragon Ball Z and especially Dragon Ball Super.

MuffinMonstah’s amazing tribute to the couple, which seems to take a page or two from Western comics, harbors back to a time when Yamcha and Bulma were on the frontlines. They are on equal footing, as both are humans with specific talents that make them valuable members of the Z-Fighters.

10. Together

Frankenberu’s art piece has a quiet beauty to it. While Bulma and Yamcha are sharing an intimidating moment together, their facial expressions and postures paint a sadder image. Bulma appears to be leaning slightly away from Yamcha, who in turn does not seem to be completely present mentally. There is a disconnect between the two.

Even though the drawing has an element of melancholy to it, the couple is still looking to find solace in each other. Although he has a habit of posturing, Yamcha is generally willing to be vulnerable around Bulma.

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