15 Hilarious Goku And Vegeta Moments From Dragon Ball Z

A lot of anime fans will say that Naruto and Sasuke have the best anime rivalry. But OG anime fans know that it’s Goku and Vegeta from the Dragon Ball franchise. Seriously, is there a more hilarious duo than Goku and Vegeta?

Whether they’re roasting each other or battling it out, these two never fail to entertain us. And we’ve gathered some of their best interactions for your viewing pleasure.

1. Poor Vegeta

2. Oh, Goku..

3. Goku’s New Friend

4. Goku And Needles

5. Pretty In Pink

6. How Saiyans Settle Things

7. Caught Red-Handed

8. Savage

9. Following Your Instincts

10. We’re All Confused

11. His Cool-Off Dance

12. Thanks For The Info, Goku

13. Vegeta’s Not Having It

14. He’s Gone

15. Asking The Real Questions

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