15 Facts About Gohan That Only True Fans Would Know

Dragon Ball was all about Goku and Dragon Ball Z is all about Gohan which isn’t exactly true considering the entire series is about Goku from beginning to end, but it just goes to show how big of a role Gohan has in the franchise. From his introduction all the way to Goku flying off with Uub, Gohan has cemented himself as one of Dragon Ball’s main leads, even taking over the main character’s spot for a little while. So obviously, he ended up developing over the course of the series growing from Goku’s weak son into the strongest man alive by the end of the series.

Gohan is a versatile character in the series. Thanks to how dynamic he is, Gohan can fill many roles, and his character interactions make him very likable. Also he’s a natural fighter who loses just as often as he succeeds, making him relatable in a sense. It definitely helps that his future counterpart is considered to be one of the coolest characters in the entire franchise. Like all great characters, Gohan is more than meets the eye. With that in mind, here are 25 facts which only Super fans will know about Gohan.

1. Accepting Of The Torch: Gohan’s Character Arc In The Cell Saga

2. Protecting Others No Matter The Cost: Gohan’s Character Arc In The Freeza Saga

3. From Coward To Hero: Gohan’s Character Arc In The Saiyan Saga

4. Gohan Has More Potential Than Any Character

5. Gohan Has Prophetic Dreams In The Anime

6. Son Gohan And The Dangers Of Arrogance

7. Is Gohan Out Of Character During The Cell Games?

8. The Super Writers Have No Clue What To Do With Gohan

9. Gohan’s Tail Is Cut Off Four Times In The Anime

10. Gohan Is The Strongest Character At The End Of Z

11. Great Saiyaman And The Ginyu Connection

12. Future Gohan Didn’t Know He Could Transcend Super Saiyan 1

13. Gohan Goes Through The Most Design Changes In The Series

14. Gohan Has Quite The Body Count When Considering Filler

15. Ultimate Wasn’t Originally A Transformation

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