15 Reasons That Make Goku An Complete Idiot

It is usual for people to eulogize the leading character of a superhero franchise and Dragon Ball is a highly successful one. Therefore, whenever the discussion veers towards the kind of person Goku is, invariably words such as “kind, brave, honest” etc. turn out to be the common descriptions of the character. Goku is a hero who stands up to defend his family and dear ones, and he never shies away from any fight. There is no doubt that he has some fantastic and lovable qualities. However, the truth is, when we look at him objectively and not as an adoring fan, Goku might not appear to be such a nice guy as he is perceived to be.

It is normal for even a hero to have some shortcomings because an impeccably good person will be boring and unbelievable. However, there are times when Goku has done things which are either outright selfish or insensitive to others. We don’t mean to suggest that he is, in fact, the real bad guy of the Dragon Ball franchise or to make any other such weird claim to grab attention. However, the difficult to overlook fact is that this Dragon Ball hero has displayed some disgusting character traits. Taking a look back at the Dragon Ball franchise, we have listed below the reasons why we think Goku is a complete idiot.

1. He saved one guy over the world

2. He abandoned his friends and family

3. He rubs his power in Vegeta’s face

4. He created his own evil twin

5. He lets kids fight his battles

6. Genocide is a joke to him

7. He threatens innocents

8. He toys with his kills

9. He is patronising af

10. He mistreats women

11. He blew up a neutral planet

12. He helped murder his brother

13. He helped ensure the deaths of trillions

14. He’s a deadbeat husband

15. He healed his enemy

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