Which Dragon Ball Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The villain of Dragon Ball happen to share key characteristics with each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The ever-expanding Dragon Ball franchise has accumulated a huge roster of characters of all different races, power-levels, skills, and personalities. In particular, the villains of the series really know how to stir the plot with their unique quirks and quests for power.

Whether they’ve had a change of heart or stayed true to their villainous ways up until the bitter end, the many bad guys of Dragon Ball happen to share key characteristics with each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

1. Pisces: Recoome

A Pisces is most known for their creative talents. They will often put all of their passion and emotions into their art for others to see.

Like his fellow members of the Ginyu Force, Recoome has a knack for posing in the flashiest fashion. Even in the midst of a serious battle, he fights with style as though it is part of a dance routine.

2. Aquarius: Android 17

An Aquarius has a tendency to go against the grain. Despite what society or their peers may think, they will follow their own path and desires.

Like Android 18, Android 17 was created to destroy Goku, though he ended up killing his creator, Dr. Gero, instead. This gave him the freedom to eventually become a park ranger who protected wildlife. Rather than fighting and killing, Android 17 chose to save lives.

3. Capricorn: Raditz

Capricorns are known to work both alone and efficiently. They take their responsibilities seriously when there’s a job that needs to be taken care of.

At the very beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Raditz lands on Earth with the intention of bringing Goku back to conquer planets with the other Saiyans. After Goku refused to go, Raditz took it into his own hands to fight Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan until he was defeated.

4. Sagittarius: Fat Buu

Of all the signs, a Sagittarius is usually the bubbliest with an adventurous side to them. Every once in a while, they might forgo their responsibilities to indulge in what they love.

With the innocence of a young child, Fat Buu was one of the peppiest villains of the series. Rather than doing as Babidi asked, Fat Buu enjoyed turning people into his favorite sweets and eventually befriended Hercule.

5. Scorpio: Nappa

Scorpios may come off a bit strong, but hey like taking charge of situations with their best effort. Their ambition and loyalty set them apart from other signs.

Out of the Saiyans sent to Earth, Nappa was the quickest to start wreaking havoc and picking fights with the Z-Fighters. Unfortunately, he got a little too ambitious in thinking he could take on Goku, who promptly defeated him. Nappa also showed a sense of loyalty when he suggested reviving his fellow Saiyan, Raditz, with the Dragon Balls.

6. Libra: Android 18

In their day-to-day life, Libras seek balance. Rather than being part of the problem, they will generally be part of the solution.

Initially, Android 18 was created by Dr. Gero to destroy the Z-Fighters, but she had other plans. When she realized Cell was looking to absorb her, she was willing to sacrifice her own life to prevent him from achieving his perfect form. She later joined the Z-Fighters on the good side after falling in love with Krillin.

7. Virgo: Dr. Gero

Virgos possess sharp minds to make smart moves and analyze situations as needed. They do their best to calculate and find the best outcome before taking action.

Dr. Gero is an intelligent scientist who created Cell and the other androids while also turning himself into an android. Prior to meeting the Z-Fighters, he made sure to collect information on Goku’s strength in order to prepare for their battle.

8. Leo: Captain Ginyu

Leos are leaders by nature. They take pride in their crew and know how to make them shine.

The leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu, led his team to be both powerful and quirky. During their battles against the Z-Fighters on Planet Namek, Captain Ginyu took the lead in having the whole team pose together and deciding who would fight who through rock-paper-scissors.

9. Cancer: Broly

Cancers feed off of their emotions and may seem moody at times. Occasionally, their emotions will get the best of them.

When not provoked, Broly is very gentle, especially in comparison to his fellow Saiyans. However, in moments of anger and grief, his wilder side takes over as a way to power himself up.

10. Gemini: Cell

With open minds and hearts, Geminis are shaped by the people and world around them. They can quickly learn and adapt to situations if it benefits them.

Created by Dr. Gero, Cell was an artificial being who had the genes of the strongest fighters, including Goku and Piccolo. This gave him unique traits such as the high growth rates of a Saiyan and the regeneration of a Namekian. In addition, he was able to achieve his perfect form by absorbing the other androids.

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