12 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Vegeta

Vegeta is one of the most famous and well-loved characters in the history of anime, but even the most passionate fans may not know everything about him. For this list, we’ll be looking at trivia and fun facts about the Prince of Saiyans. 

On the meta end of things, his creator Akira Toriyama isn’t his greatest fan – he even specifically ended his life because fans asked him not to. He has plenty of fans, but not all of them appreciate him the way he’d probably want to be appreciated – he ranked super high on a popularity poll about tsundere! Within the series itself, there’s the fact that out of all the Z Fighters, he’s taken the most lives, and he’s the first mortal to ever take down a God of Destruction.

  1. He’s Surpassed Goku Repeatedly, But Temporarily

Everyone knows that Vegeta is totally obsessed with defeating Goku, but it seems like no matter what happens between the two of them, he’ll never truly be content. That’s because Goku’s never actually defeated Vegeta.

What’s more, he’s surpassed Goku over and over again, from the time on Planet Namek when Vegeta got a power boost from a senzu bean that made him stronger than Goku to the battle with Moro where Vegeta gained Spirit Control that exceeded Goku’s.

But every time this happened, Goku got his own power-up that made him stronger than anybody could have imagined.

Constantly being overshadowed no matter how well he does has got to sting.

2. He Has The Second Highest Body Count Of All Of The Z-Fighters

Though Vegeta likely wouldn’t be thrilled to hear he’s not Rank 1, it’s true – he has the second-highest kill count out of all of the Z-Fighters. His victims include Nappa, Zarbon, Android 19, multiple innocent people, himself, and many more.

3. He Wanted To Give His Daughter A Saiyan Name

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When Trunks was born, Vegeta wasn’t really ready to become a father, so he didn’t care what Bulma named him. But by the time Bulla was born, he’d changed his attitude significantly. He wanted to give his daughter a name that reflected her Saiyan heritage. The name he had in mind was Eschalot.

Sadly for him, Bulma went ahead and picked the name she wanted without consulting him. Understandable given his initial attitude, but it’s still kind of sad considering the fate of the Saiyan people.  

4. Toriyama Wanted To Make A Movie With Vegeta As The Protagonist

After Battle of Gods came out in 2013, Akira Toriyama said in an interview that if there was another movie, he wanted it to feature Vegeta as the lead character. However, he clarified that this was simply a desire and not something that he had any concrete plans for. It’s a good thing that he did make that clear because any Vegeta fans who took it to heart were likely to be disappointed. As usual, Goku was the protagonist of the next film

5. He Was The First Mortal To Beat A God Of Destruction

Defeating a God is not a cakewalk, but Vegeta managed to do just that. He took down Top, a God of Destruction from Universe 11 before any other mortal had done anything similar. To accomplish this, he had to access his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Form.

6. Fans Asked Toriyama To Keep Vegeta Alive

When asked during an interview whether or not he ever used let fan opinions influence his story, Toriyama said:

“I do, in the sense of “betraying the fans’ expectations”. For instance, when I got a lot of, ‘Don’t kill Vegeta,’ I deliberately killed him. (laughs).” 

Of course, Toriyama didn’t kill the Saiyan Prince permanently, so he’s not being quite as spiteful as he makes it seem.

7. His Name Is A Vegetable Pun

One the surface, this one seems obvious – his name sounds like the English word vegetable. But the pun actually goes deeper.

In Japanese, Saiyans are called Saiya-jin. Saiya is an anagram for yasai, which means, yes, vegetable, which jin means people. So, the Saiyans are Vegetable People, and Vegeta is the Vegetable Prince.

8. He Has A Brother

The Dragon Ball series is enormous, and many fans haven’t seen every part of it. So while a major character having a brother is usually something most people know, in this case, it might have escaped people’s notice – especially since he debuted during a movie, which some fans skip.

Sometime after Vegeta’s brother, Tarble was born, he was sent off-planet because he didn’t have what it took to be a powerful Saiyan warrior. Although Vegeta is embarrassed by his brother’s lack of fighting spirit and strength, there’s still a part of him who loves him.

9. His Creator Isn’t All That Fond Of Him

Despite how popular Vegeta is with the fans, his creator Akira Toriyama isn’t a huge fan of him. In the databook Daizenshuu, he said the following:

“With Vegeta, well, I don’t like him all that much, but he was extremely helpful to have around.”

10. Something’s Going On With His Hair

Vegeta claimed that Saiyans are born with a certain hairstyle and that it never grows or changes in shape for their entire lives. False, and Vegeta’s hair is proof. As a child,  he was seen with bangs – quite a different hairstyle from his adult one. 

The same is also true of Gohan, but his half-human heritage could account for that. For Vegeta, the only explanations are that the creators messed up, or that Vegeta was wrong. 

11. The Original Super Saiyan God Looks Like Vegeta

Yamoshi is an ancient Saiyan god who was the first known being to transform into a Super Saiyan. For unknown reasons, he looks almost exactly like Vegeta. It’s possible that this means that they belong to the same bloodline. It’s not unusual for royalty to have such lofty connections, and it might explain why most people assumed that Vegeta would be able to go Super Saiyan before it ever happened.

12. He Ranked High On A Tsundere-Themed Popularity Poll

It is not a surprise to anyone that Vegeta ranked high on general anime popularity polls – for example, he placed 15th on a 1991Anime Grand Prix for Best Anime Characters.

But what’s less expected that he also scored high on a tsundere-themed poll. In 2012, Biglobe polled Japanese fans on their favorite tsundere, and Vegeta came in at #16 – and #1 if you only count the male characters. But he’s not happy about it or anything…baka!

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