15 Hilarious Moments From The OG Dragon Ball Series

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super may have some amazing action-packed and epic scenes, but the original series still holds a special place in our hearts. Looking back at it now, the original Dragon Ball has some pretty hilarious moments. From kid Goku to Master Roshi, some of these scenes are definitely not as kid-friendly as would have imagined.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the funniest Dragon Ball moments.

  1. No Chill

2. Oh, Goku..

3. His First Time Seeing A TV

4. Of Course He Didn’t

5. Master Roshi Doesn’t Hold Back

6. Makes Sense

7. Kid Goku Is Precious

8. I Have No Words

9. This Is Why We Love Bulma

10. Who’s Gonna Tell Him

11. Little Goku Had No Fear

12. Master Roshi’s First Lesson

13. So This Happened

14. RIP Master Roshi’s Wallet

15. Did Not Need To See That

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