20 Savage Goku vs Superman Memes That Can Start A War

Goku is a mighty Saiyan and the main character from Dragon Ball universe. He believed to be an Earthling but later found out that he belonged to an alien race called “Saiyan” and that’s why he has superhuman powers. He grew up to become the biggest fighter on Earth and committed to protect his new home planet at any cost.

We won’t be surprised if that description reminds you of DC superhero. Yes, we are talking about the alien from the destroyed planet of Krypton, Superman. He is also an alien who landed on Earth as an infant and grew up believing that he was a normal human. However, he later discovered his powers and became the most powerful superhero on the planet. With such prominent similarities, a rivalry between the fans of these two superheroes is obvious. There have been some great memes to deliver burns to the feelings of the others fans. Presenting you a compilation of the nastiest Goku Vs. Superman memes.
Be warned that these memes might offend you if you are a fan of either of these two.

Show him everything you got

Even Krillin can

Here is what Einstein says

It took only 2 seconds

A weakling

Keep punching



Talking about the destruction

Maybe seconds?

It will be fun


Superman Vs Goku

That’s it

The end

The battle ends now

Yes, totally!


Might be photoshopped?

Oh no!

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