14 Reasons Why You Should Watch Dragon Ball Super If You Loved Dragon Ball Z

If you read the original Dragon Ball manga, you already know it is epic. The series was so successful that it went on to spawn the acclaimed Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama’s creation took the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular manga and anime series of all time.

The show always manages to show a loving dedication to the whole Dragon Ball universe. Well, at least the parts made by Akira Toriyama (he didn’t write or draw Dragon Ball GT). Sometimes, one could even make the argument that Dragon Ball Super is even better than the best parts of DBZ.

Here are some reasons why you should watch Dragon Ball Super ASAP.

  1. The Show Delightfully Pays Homage To Its Past

Dragon Ball Super has tons of calls back from the past. Many of the most memorable battles from the new series are spiritual successions to past fights, such as Goku fighting Broly, or the time he takes on Majin Vegeta.

There are more than just fights that give us a #tbt, as creators have brought back Frieza, Future Trunks, and Android 17. They’ve even pulled in Arale from Akira Toriyama’s career-launching Dr. Slump, which makes it an extremely funny and cute episode. Tons of fans are also hoping that Launch, a girl with an extremely violent case of multiple personality disorder, makes a reappearance in Dragon Ball Super. 

2. Goku and Vegeta Are Trained By A God And An Angel

At multiple points in the original series, Goku seeks out new masters to teach him all sorts of amazing abilities and techniques. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta gets in on the training action before Goku even has a chance to start studying. 

If you watched the last two Dragon Ball Z movies — Battle of Gods and Return of F — you’ll know that the pair started to train with the same god who threatened to destroy the Earth. While the duo’s extra work has paid off, they both have a long way to go if they want to reach the same level of power as Beerus, the God of Destruction, and Whis, his guide angel.

3. Goku and Vegeta Are Still Incredibly Competitive

As was the case in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta is frustrated at always being made to chase Goku’s heels when it comes to power levels, but in Super, he manages to catch up and seal the gap. 

By the start of Super, both are keenly aware of what the other is capable of, and often assess the fights they get into in terms of how the other might handle it. It’s probably as close to teamwork as they’ll get, short of fusing together to become Vegito. 

Though they aren’t completely foes, it’s still great to watch them one-up each other time and again. Like the martial arts masters from old kung fu movies, they’re best friends and prime adversaries at the same time. 

4. The New Transformations Are Awesome

Crazy transformations are a staple of the Dragon Ball universe. One of Dragon Ball Z’s most memorable transformations is when Goku first goes Super Saiyan while fighting Frieza. The moment is rightfully epic and changes the flow of the series forever. 

Dragon Ball Super takes things even further, as Goku and Vegeta learn to transform into Super Saiyan Blue, perhaps the most powerful transformation the two have ever mastered. Well, at least until they find out about Ultra Instinct, which gives its user complete protection from incoming attacks.

5. The Show Hasn’t Lost Its Humor Or Its Heart

If you watched the Dragon Ball anime (or read the manga), you’ll know that it was simply hilarious, ranging from light-hearted quips to dirty displays of lust. While the R-rated humor has been turned down a bit, that goofy innocence still prevails. 

Interestingly though, Vegeta, a master of the cold shoulder, has some shockingly hilarious moments. At one point, he’s forced to defend a villain he hates, then there’s the time when a group he dislikes makes his daughter Bulla weep.

In addition to the laughs, there’s an invisible emotional bond between all of the characters, and it’s more pronounced than ever in Dragon Ball Super. Many characters go out of their way to protect each other, often to the detriment of their own health and well-being. 

6. The Fights Are Even More Over The Top

The fighting in Dragon Ball Z is entertaining but often feels a little monotonous. Every character has basically the same move set: super fast, super strong, with world-ending energy blasts.

In contrast, Dragon Ball Super features a diverse cast of powerful characters with interesting, unique abilities. There are enemies who can manipulate time, absorb the energy of their enemies, and create perfect clones. 

The best part about these new techniques is that you get to watch Goku and Vegeta put together strategies to overcome them. There are tons of truly spectacular fights that you do not want to miss.

7. The Stakes Are Way Higher

In Dragon Ball Super, even the Dragon Balls have been inflated to become planet-sized. Appropriately called the Super Dragon Balls, they’re capable of granting any wish at all. The action is also considerably more intense than it was previously. In Dragon Ball Z, there were seldom any instances where a couple of planets were destroyed, but in Super, a single punch (or even a sneeze) can take down a whole galaxy.

Both the anime and the manga do a great job of upping the stakes beyond the mere destruction of the Earth. In a tournament of gods, the wager is the Earth itself, with the winner getting to keep our planet, along with all its delicious food. 

In another arc, every human in the universe is threatened by a mad god. The stakes just keep getting higher, making one wonder what the show’s future plans can possibly involve.

8. The Show Is Still All About Family

Since the very first manga, Dragon Ball has always been about family. Creator Akira Toriyama even toyed with the idea that Goku’s son Gohan would become the protagonist after the Cell Saga, but ultimately decided against it.

Even though Goku and Vegeta aren’t exactly the best dads, they’re still wonderfully devoted to their wives and children in their own way, so it’s great to see that the family-first theme runs deep in Super. 

9. The Enemies are Terrifyingly Powerful

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z have no shortage of villains who could easily best Goku in a fight. Dragon Ball Super take this even farther, with a slew of new, interesting, and ridiculously powerful enemies that Goku and Vegeta have to battle against.

 There’s a time-bending, bad*ss hitman who can hide in a other dimensions and who fires deadly, invisible energy blasts. Then there’s a god-in-training who hates humans and starts a genocidal campaign to erase them. There’s even a Super Saiyan from another universe who has the same swagger as Goku, and when the two square off, the result is exceedingly epic. Last but not least, there’s a monster who is so strong that he beats down a fully powered up Goku without breaking a sweat.

10. The Ultimate Beings Are Twin Children

Just like your own kids, these adorable little guys have the power to wipe out entire universes on a whim. Each of the 12 universe’s gods are deathly afraid of the duo, and everyone bows low to avoid angering them… except Goku, of course. 

Goku just acts normally, to the horror of everyone around him. Somehow Goku’s cavalier nature works out; the twin kings are so powerful that most people keep their distance, leaving them incredibly lonely. Goku’s happy-go-lucky self makes them feel comfortable and less isolated. 

11. The Show Takes Jabs At Other Shows

Harder than a love-tap, but not as brutal as a spirit bomb, these shots fall somewhere between a tribute and a challenge, which is totally appropriate for a show about fighting. The creators especially enjoy poking fun at other anime that feature transformations. 

Tons of other anime and manga artists cite Toriyama’s work as their inspiration, and you can definitely see his influence in their stories. For this reason, it feels appropriate that the show makes a ton of great shout-outs to some of the best anime out there. There’s a universe whose most powerful warriors transform thanks to the power of love, which is a clear parody of the “magical girl” trope.

12. Everything About Vegito

Vegito (who is birthed from a fusion of Goku and Vegeta) is the most powerful character in all of Dragon Ball Z; watching him toy with Super Buu is one of the most memorable fights in Dragon Ball history.

With his pedigree, it comes as no surprise that the hero’s appearance in Dragon Ball Super makes for an equally memorable moment. Of course, he has become even more powerful, since Goku and Vegeta both have channeled some godlike energy.

If you haven’t already stopped reading to imagine the crazy fights Vegito gets into, just know that his appearance in Dragon Ball Super is appropriately epic. After all, there’s nothing better than combining Vegeta’s tactical genius and cockiness with Goku’s hand-to-hand brilliance and confidence.

13. The Universe Is Huge. Sorry, The Universes Are Huge

Dragon Ball Z is a series rooted in science fiction, so its no surprise that Dragon Ball Super takes a similar route. This time, the plot brings in actual deities, making for an interesting spin. 

As in Dragon Ball Z, every universe has a “Supreme Kai” who is placed in charge of the territory. In Dragon Ball Super, it’s revealed that every Supreme Kai has a counterpart — a God of Destruction — who are all more powerful than Goku and Vegeta combined. Together, the gods work to cultivate and grow their respective universes, nurturing the strong while destroying the weak.

It’s soon revealed that there are 12 universes in all, meaning there are 12 Supreme Kais, and 12 Gods of Destruction. What’s more, Universe 7 — the one where Goku and friends live — is one of the weakest universes out there.

14. Fan Favorite Villains Return

Frieza’s back, but not necessarily as a villain. This time, he’s got a halo over his head, and has to fight alongside the team. (Whaaat?!) Other previous villains also make a return, albeit halo-free. Tien is an old school villain from the Dragon Ball days who turns good in Dragon Ball Z, so his return isn’t exactly a surprise. 

Of course, Fat Buu is still lazing around and eating everything in sight, but he also throws down a few times. Android 17 makes a comeback, and his character progression is actually quite surprising. He’s more than just a bad*ss park ranger; nowadays, he’s a family man, and having something to protect makes him more powerful than ever.

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