25 Absolutely Perfect Dragon Ball Z Mashups

Whether it be the still-totally-cool Fusion Dance or a pair of fashionable Potara earrings, fusion is a major part of the Dragon Ball Z universe. Different characters fuse with each other constantly, villains absorb heroes, and Piccolo spends much of the series as three people, as weird as that sounds. With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that the fandom of Dragon Ball Z has plastered the Internet with all manner of fan-art mashups. A casual browse of various websites will yield scenes depicting the Z Fighters mixing it up with superheroes, hedgehogs, and friendship-obsessed equines.

Given the battle-heavy nature of Dragon Ball Z, it’s easy to foresee that the bulk of the fuse-up fan-art out there features Goku and friends waging war against the heroes and villains of other fictional universes, but that’s not all the Internet has to offer. One can also find these characters capturing monsters, adventuring through space, or just chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. Of course, there are also plenty of examples of DBZ-style fusion that cross the streams of both continuity and common sense. Hey, Kamehame-have a great time checking out this list!

  1. Goku V Superman

There are a million depictions of Goku fighting Superman, but this example by Gonzo is one of the most enjoyable.

2. The Fastest Man Alive

Aashan makes a compelling argument for Goku as fastest man alive in this fun composition.

3. Space Pals

Many DBZ mashups feature violence, but this one by ForgetMe000 is just cute!

4. Goku Smash!

Two beings who hold claim to “strongest there is” face off in this kinetic painting by Jordy Lakiere.

5. Proud Prince Of Bel Air

This awesome shirt design by Diego Pedauye is certified fresh, chill, and maxed out.

6. Goku V Darkseid

Goku finally meets his match against a DC powerhouse in a showdown drawn up by Phil Cho.

7. Batgeta

Phil Cho’s masterful mashup is truly crime’s worst enemy.

8. DragonPuff Girls

This fun design by Jbaz finally pairs Dragon Ball Z with a more gritty and realistic franchise.

9. Z Brothers

This intense-looking painting by Torokun gives Bowser more than he asked for.

10. Z League

Two world-saving teams are merged together in this group picture by DrMax82.

11. Cell V Apocalypse

The villains get the spotlight in this picture by Mike Lancette, depicting two would-be tyrants.

12. Z Dogs

This cool-as-it-gets group walk shot by DDVigo is available on shirts, and an instant classic.

13. Goku And Godzilla Team Up

Two icons of Japanese media combine their forces as Zach Smithson combines two classic franchises here.

14. Spirit Bombs And Death Stars

The Death Star gets a little of its own medicine, via Son Goku and artist Wizyakuza.

15. Star WarZ

The sheer awesomeness of Goku with lightsabers is beautifully depicted by Tatarskiskandal.

16. Adventure Time Z

Something about Adventure Time and DBZ just combines well, as proven here by Joe Hogan.

17. Dendeman

Artist Hirozai fits an entire storyline into this Dende-centric piece.

18. Nappa Captures Chiaotzu

Could you say more about this ridiculous scene put together by TheAggravatedArtist?

19. Jabuu The Hutt

NicholasXCato uses this picture to cleverly combine two food-loving tyrants.

20. Piku

Yet another DBZ/Pokémon mashup, each franchise’s protagonists are combined here in a picture uploaded by Aquaman314.

21. My Little Vegeta

Just Imagine Vegeta’s reaction after finding this picture by Peichen Philip on the Internet.

22. Vegetanger

A clever combination of two unlikely franchises, as IDroidMonkey shows off Vegeta’s number one trait.

23. Goku One-Punched

Goku almost never loses fights, but if anyone can take him, it’s One Punch Man, which is how Nopeys depicts the battle going down.

24. Super Sonic

Sonic gets mashed up with everything, but making him a Super Saiyan just makes sense, as Dairon11 proves with this well-done piece.

25. Inspector 17

MamaCharms makes the unconventional decision to combine a murderous android with a child-friendly cartoon police officer.

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