The 6 Absolute Worst Dragon Ball Sagas

For being well-known as one of the best anime of all time, DBZ has some of the worst sagas. Like, really bad. Whether it’s Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT, no matter how much you like the anime, you’d be lying if you said that there aren’t some sagas in the series that stand out just because they’re boring or stupid. Here’s a list of the worst sagas in the Dragon Ball anime series.

  1. Namek Saga

Although this is the Dragon Ball Z saga where we meet Freiza this is a grueling saga. The filler is not just boring but also completely pointless. We get to watch Goku do everything else other than fight for basically an eternity. He recovers from injuries in the hospital, he works on his fitness, and exactly none of it is compelling. We also get to watch Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin search for dragon balls and get beat up a lot… which is definitely not as cool as watching buff alien super-fighters punch each other.

2. Red Ribbon Army Saga

Even though the Red Ribbon Army arc of Dragon Ball was full of action, it was pretty boring to follow. Tao Pai Pai is one of the only redeeming factors because if he didn’t appear, the whole saga would have been a snore-fest. Many fans find it hard to explain why this is their least favorite saga because there’s really not much to say about it. The majority of the characters are uninteresting and forgettable, the storyline drags… need we go on?

3. Super 17 Saga

Fans of the Dragon Ball series already have a dislike for the Dragon Ball GT series. Not only for the fact that it’s not that great, but also because it’s filled with bad sagas. In the Super 17 Saga, we get to witness the return of Android 17, wished back to life after the Cell Games Saga.

This would be fine except that Android 17 is a diva with a really bad character design and a backstory that doesn’t really make much sense. It’s probably the shortest-lived arc in the entire Dragon Ball series for a reason.

4. The Great Saiyaman Saga

Here we have the most slice-of-life point in the Dragon Ball Z anime. It’s really cool because we get to explore Gohan’s high school life, but that’s basically all we get to see. Instead of sweet intergalactic fights, we get to watch Gohan focus on school and deal with identity issues by adopting the persona of Saiyaman. If you had faith in Gohan becoming a cool kid despite all of his previous character development, this is where you’re proven totally wrong.

5. Garlic Jr. Saga

The Garlic Jr. Saga encompasses an entire filler saga that pushed its way in between the Frieza Saga and the Trunks Saga. The Garlic Jr. Saga can only be found in the Dragon Ball Z anime since the anime had caught up to the manga by the end of the Frieza Saga. To bridge the gap, they made up for it with Garlic Jr., which is just based on the events that happened in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. Although not completely pointless, it’s one of the weakest sagas in Dragon Ball Z.

6. Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

The video game-like logic and antics carried out by the team in the very first season of Dragon Ball GT didn’t get the series off to the right start. The Black Star Dragon Ball Saga is not really inspiring and is very boring, probably because it’s predictable and the action is far from spectacular. All of this on top of slowly coming to terms with the fact that you’re going to have to listen to Pan’s whining throughout the series makes the first saga in GT a tough one to get through. 



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