15 Awesome Dragon Ball Z Tattoos For Serious Fans

Dragon Ball Z tattoos are so common among anime fans that even casuals have them. This list looks at some of the best Dragon Ball Z tattoos we’ve ever seen, voted on by anime fans like you. Whether it’s a tattoo of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, or even Krillin, the DBZ tattoos on this list perfectly represent a fan’s personal love of the show. Some of these have very nice aesthetic touches, such as the Trunks and Goten fusion tattoo where each kid is on a different arm. Other Dragon Ball Z sleeves are more about the incredible artwork, with almost every Z-Fighter being represented on one piece.

  1. Montage of DBZ Friends and Foes

2. Goku and Shenglong do the Kamehameha

3. Super Sayan Goku at Level 3

4. Little Goku on the Kinton Cloud

5. The Saiyans and Freeza have taken over her body

6. Chibi Goku or Goten?

7. Vegeta Getting Ready to Let Loose

8. Gohan throws a fireball

9. Goku and Mario

10. Piccolo needs his space, too

11. Perfect DBZ Tattoo for Leg Day

12. Majin Buu, coming at you!

13. Vegeta Chilling Out

14. A Montage Redo that Really Expands It All

15. The Hair is all you need




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