The Best One-Liners In The Dragon Ball Franchise

There are numerous reasons why the Dragon Ball franchise is considered a classic anime series. It’s got cool fight scenes and legendary characters that have been a part of many fans’ childhoods. But the most underrated part of the series is its amazing one-liners. Whether it’s Goku making savage comebacks or Frieza roasting his opponents, the series knows how to hype up fans. 

With all the amazing quotes from the franchise, it’s almost impossible to name your favorite ones. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s a list of the best DBZ one-liners.

  1. Like A Boss

2. Master Roshi Never Disappoints

3. Ouch

4. A Saiyan’s Pride

5. A Classic Scene

6. Name-Calling

7. A Warm Welcome

8. Do Machines Feel Fear?

9. It Wasn’t A Suggestion

10. Dang

11. Admiration

12. Like Father, Like Son

13. Chills

14. Maybe Frieza’s Best Burn

15. Don’t Mess With Goku

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