Dragon Ball Z: 10 Times Goku Was (Actually) Smart

Goku might not always seem like it, but he’s actually a pretty smart guy…only when he wants to be.

Goku isn’t widely known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, however, there have been times where he has implemented well-thought-out plans.

No matter what, the main characters of any story seem to have a noticeable quirk about them. It doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not.  In Dragon Ball’ Goku’s intelligence seldom gets its credit due to his silly nature. Sure, he can be a little foolish at times, but in all fairness, the Saiyan has proven many times he can make rational decisions, especially during the events of Dragon Ball Z.

  1. Realizing Super Saiyan Second Grade Has A Huge Flaw

While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, in preparation to fight Cell with his son, Gohan, Goku stumbles upon a new Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan Second Grade. As soon as reaches it, however, he notices its flaws. Second Grade comes with a lot of power, but it comes at the loss of speed. The fact Vegeta acquires the form first and didn’t realize this flaw, which results in Cell getting a step higher when he reaches his final form. Goku is way smarter than people give him credit for.

2. He’s The Only One Who Knew Gohan Possessed The Power To Defeat Cell

Although Goku knew he couldn’t beat Cell, he always had a secret weapon, Gohan. Gohan has tremendous power that links with his emotions. Goku is fully aware that once his son is pushed to his limits, he can be a great fighter. Towards the end of the Cell arc, everyone continues to wonder what is Gohan’s father planning? Did he have a plan? Yes, it’s Gohan. Because of Goku’s faith in his son, Gohan is the first Saiyan to ever reach Ascended Saiyan.

3. Admitting He Can’t Beat Cell

Goku has never backed down from any opponent, so when he says he can’t defeat someone, he can’t defeat them. As the Cell Games commence, the Saiyan warrior faces off against Cell. Goku fights him, mainly, to see how strong Cell actually is. After exchanging a few more blows, Goku concedes. He admits at this moment, Cell is the more formidable fighter. It takes a lot of courage and intelligence to admit you can’t defeat someone in battle. Goku is not running away from a challenge, nor is he giving up.  He assessing his ability to beat Cell.

4. Travels To New Namek For A New Guardian

After Kami fuses with Piccolo in order to augment Piccolo’s power against Cell, the Earth dragon balls disappear. Without the dragon balls, Goku cannot revive any of the innocent victim’s Cell murders. He later devises a plan to travel to New Namek to obtain a new guardian, which he succeeds in doing. Dende amply decides to become Earth’s new guardian. With Dende becoming the new guardian, Earth will be able to get the same number of wishes as to the Namekian dragon balls. This allocates to three wishes, as a result.

5. Goku Figures Out The Secret To Hit’s Technique

During DragonBall Super’s Universe 6 arc, Goku’s opponent, Hit, is giving him a run for his money. In the match prior, Vegeta suffers a devasting defeat to the Universe 6 contender. Hit manages to evade any attack from any advisories, but how does keep initiating it? While fighting him, Goku infers that Hit can skip ahead in time, approximately, o1 seconds, to be exact. After figuring out his ability, Goku can anticipate his fighting moves. Hit’s been alive for centuries and Goku is the only one to figure this out. Goku truly is one of a kind.

6. Learns Instant Transmission

It’s reassuring to know even if Goku’s missing, chances are he is learning a new technique or training. The Instant Transmission is such a resourceful move. It grants the user the ability to travel anywhere they want. In addition, this ability is useful, when it comes to hunting someone down. He does this by searching for someone’s specific Ki energy. For example, Goku can find the new planet that the Nameks are currently residing on. It takes a lot of concentration, seeing that the planet is very far away.

7. Tosses A Frog At Captain Ginyu

Goku honestly doesn’t get enough credit for how strategic he can be. Captain Ginyu, of the Ginyu Force, has the ability to switch with whomever he so chooses to. He switches bodies with Goku. Goku eventually gets his body back, but he’s in critical condition. Ginyu sets his sights on Vegeta’s body. Being aware of this, Goku throws a frog at Ginyu, turning him into a frog.  This is a brilliant last-ditch effort, on Goku’s part.

8. Letting Vegeta Live

Sparing his enemies has garnered Goku criticism from his friends and even fans of the series. Sparing Vegeta’s life, however, is a good call that everyone will agree on. Vegeta has been such an asset to the team.

Thanks to Vegeta, Bulma is able to imitate the Saiyan armor. The armor makes it easier to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, during the Cell arc. Vegeta took down one of the androids when Goku could not. More importantly, by choosing to let Vegeta live, the Saiyan prince can grow as a person.

9. Teaching Trunks And Goten The Fusion Technique

At the time, Trunks and Goten were the only two capable of defeating Majin Buu. Everyone assumes Gohan to be dead, Vegeta sacrifices himself, and Goku is only on Earth temporarily. Fans argue Goku could have dealt with Buu in his SSJ 3 form without much hassle. This may be true, but Goku expresses this is not his fight. He is passing the torch to the younger generation. Although Goku still defeats Buu, during the end of the arc, it still wasn’t a terrible idea to teach those boys the fusion dance.  Gotenks gave us some of the most memorable moments in the series.

10. Goku Feeds Yakon

During the Buu arc, Goku, Supreme Kai, Gohan, and Vegeta infiltrate Babidi’s ship, in order to prevent Buu from waking. Goku ends fighting this monster that absorbs light, Yakon. To make the situation a little more tedious, Babidi alters their fighting room to give Yakon a home-field advantage.

The room becomes pitch black, which is similar to Yakon’s home planet. Goku still has no problem attacking Yakon, seeing that he can still sense him. He later turns into Super Saiyan; as soon as he does, Yakon absorbs his light and Goku reverts to his base form. Goku turns back into a Super Saiyan once again. Yakon starts to absorb his light like before, but this time he explodes. Goku is aware he couldn’t accommodate that much energy in his body.

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