Dragon Ball’s Best Characters, Based on Their Special Moves

Over the course of Dragon Ball history, the series has introduced characters with some of the most destructive, devastating special moves that trump almost any other show in anime history. But, based on their special moves, which characters are the best? Power levels and new forms aside, it’s actually anyone’s game when it comes to unique techniques. For the sake of fairness and to avoid having a list full of Gods of Destruction or Fusion characters, they will not be a part of this list.

  1. Frieza

The tyrant of the universe is known for his array of special moves that have been both exasperating and extremely useful for the Z-Fighters. His Death Beam is his most well-known technique, but far from his most devastating. Frieza boasts the Supernova, which wiped out Planet Vegeta, advanced telekinesis, his Death Ball — which was used to destroy the original Namek — and many more. One of his greatest special moves was only seen once throughout Dragon Ball when he locked Goku in a sphere of energy during their battle on Namek. After kicking Goku around for a while, he sent the ball crashing to the ground where it exploded. Frieza’s greatest move, however, is his ki-controlled Death Beam Barrage that he used to kill the assassins from Universe 9. He is one of Universe 7’s fiercest fighters and his terrifying array of special moves solidifies that.

2. Goku

While it may not be surprising to see Goku on this list, the Saiyan warrior taking being second on the list might seem a bit more unusual. Goku’s techniques are so well known, even non-anime fans can name a few. His most used and most popular technique, the Kamehameha wave, is also his most flexible, able to be fired from his hands and feet, and can even be bent in mid-air. And then there’s the Kaio-Ken, Super, God, and Ultra-Instinct versions of the move. Beyond the Wave, Goku even has two different versions of his strongest technique, the Spirit Bomb. There’s the small version he used against Vegeta in the “Saiyan Saga” and the more common Super Spirit Bomb. In the manga, Goku even learned the universally dangerous Hakai technique — the technique used by Gods of Destruction to wipe out the entirety of a living being’s existence. Instant Transmission is another technique that Goku often uses, usually combining it with other moves for devastating combos.

3. Majin Buu

Looking back on the pure chaos that is Majin Buu, his spot on the list was nothing less than assured. Buu’s catalog is not only impressive because of how strong the moves are, but also because of how unique and unfair so many of them can be. Majin Buu is able to use his own body as a weapon, detaching himself for use to deadly effect. He also has some of the most advanced telekinesis throughout the whole series, at one point he lifts an entire city with nothing more than his mind. Buu also has his own version of the Super Kamehameha, learning the move after only seeing it once. His absorption technique is Buu’s ultimate trump card, as it allows him to completely absorb the powers, traits, knowledge, and abilities of his enemy, netting him an instant win. Buu’s most recognizable move and most dangerous is his Chocolate Beam, which turns his enemies into sweets of his liking. Majin Buu’s vast assortment of mystical moves often operates like cheat codes out a video game, making them the reason why he has the best special moves in all of Dragon Ball history.

4. Vegeta

The Saiyan Prince takes the fourth spot on the list purely due to quality and not quantity, although he has quite a few moves. When he first fought Goku, Vegeta almost destroyed the Earth with his Galik Gun in the most fierce beam struggle in all of the Dragon Ball series. Vegeta’s moves are as powerful as they are flashy, always dealing damage in style, like when he completely obliterated Android 19 with his Big Bang Attack or his first Final Flash against Cell. It was also impressive when he used it against Jiren in the Tournament of Power, but Vegeta’s Final Explosion really takes the Saiyan cake. Using this technique, Vegeta wiped himself, Buu, and later on the God of Destruction Toppo completely off the map. Legendary.

5. Piccolo

Piccolo has several special moves on this entire list and all of them are nothing short of devastating. Ont top of that, the majority — if not all– are completely unique to him. Perhaps his most recognizable move is the Special Beam Cannon — a move so destructive that there’s almost nothing it can’t destroy. With other moves like the Hell zone Grenade, the once-popular Masenko, the Light Grenade and the Explosive Demon Wave, Piccolo is a character that very few villains and allies alike would want to face off against in battle. The chaotic scene from early in the series, where he completely blows a hole through both Goku and Raditz with one well-aimed Special Beam Cannon is one that all Dragon Ball fans will always remember.

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