5 Dragon Ball Movie Villains That Should Be Canon (& 5 Who Should Stay Out)

Dragon Ball is an exceptional manga full of bright and colorful characters. Initially being a manga that ended with the Buu saga, it has since been expanded with the Dragon Ball Super series which has brought in new villains such as Goku Black and the recent Moro in the Manga. The franchise itself has influenced much Manga such as One Piece and My Hero Academia while also creating a long list of Dragon Ball movies, many of which are good or even amazing in some fans’ opinions. However, the villains that make the films so special are unfortunately non-canon.

  1. Canon: Cooler

First on the list is the brother of Frieza. Cooler has yet to make an appearance in Dragon Ball Super. Unlike his brother who is incredibly evil and completely arrogant, Cooler is much calmer and achieved a new transformation long before Frieza. In his first appearance, he demolished Goku.

Having him in the canon universe would help flesh out the Cold family lineage significantly, while also showing what kind of character Cooler is now that his brother was known for his immense power. His ferocity would definitely be perfect for those that think Super isn’t as dark as the previous series.

2. Stay Out: Dr. Wheelo

Dr. Wheelo was an early Dragon Ball Z movie villain that was around during at least the Saiyan saga. Initially, just a brain in a robotic suit, it did give the characters a lot of trouble. The reason why he shouldn’t be part of the canon is strict because the concept is pretty bland for the series.

On top of that, Goku and his friends have fought beings that are far beyond the capabilities of what Dr. Wheelo could only barely scrape off. If he was ever in the story, the chances are his involvement would be negligible.

3. Canon: Janemba

In contrast to Hatchiyack, having Janemba be canonized would be some of the greatest things to happen in the franchise. On top of Gogeta already being fully canon as of now, Janemba as a concept is interesting because it is an embodiment of all the evil in hell.

Even if it was an anime-version of hell, Janemba as a concept could still be used in the canon Dragon Ball universe, as hell itself was only barely touched upon. If looked at further, Janemba could be an extremely powerful threat to the heroes.

4. Stay Out: Hatchiyack

Hatchiyack was introduced in a Dragon Ball OVA known as the “Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyan.” The movie itself was pretty weird as it brought back a long list of Dragon Ball movie villains while also seemingly taking place during or after the Cell saga.

Although Hatchiyack as a concept is interesting, it would only work out if the Tuffles were canonized in the first place. What’s more, the character himself is already inspiring for the character Aniraza who made an appearance in the Tournament of Power.

5. Canon: Turles

In contrast to Dr. Wheelo is the character of Turles. Turles is a movie-only Saiyan that is supposed to be an evil version of Goku if he didn’t land on earth.

Of course, fans can argue that they already have that in the form of Goku Black, however, what Turles brings to the table would help flesh out the lore of the Saiyans even further. Moreover, the character is essentially like a pirate and went outside of Frieza’s jurisdiction while also having a unique planet draining item at his disposal: The Tree of Might.

6. Stay Out: Bojack

As a pirate, Bojack and his gang were so powerful that they had to be contained inside of King Kai’s planet. If he was in the canon, he would be an interesting concept to explore as the Galactic Patrol could’ve been involved.

However, the issue with Bojack is that he wouldn’t really be of any significance to the plot. With a character like Moro and the Galactic prison, it would be reasonable that he would’ve been in there in some capacity. The only way he could work is if he was much stronger and imprisoned somewhere else.

7. Canon: Lord Slug

Contrast with Garlic Jr, Lord Slug would be one of the most perfect choices for the canon of Dragon Ball just because of what he is. Because he is one of the original Super Namekians, he also has the benefit of expanding on the lore of Namek in general.

What’s more, having Lord Slug in the canon would help make Piccolo become more relevant as a character and make him stand out from the Saiyan characters. Overall, Lord Slug being in would just be beneficial to the arc.

8. Stay Out: Android 13

This character on the list is one that also would’ve been really cool in canon. Android 13 is one of the many creations of Dr. Gero designed to kill Goku. With the way he was designed, it is apparent that he was sort of a prototype for what Cell eventually became.

The problem would lie behind the relevancy of the character. Do the Androids have to make a return when pretty much the Red Ribbon Army is gone? As cool as Android 13 is, it would be a bit repetitive if there is another Cell arc.

9. Canon: Hirudegarn

Speaking of Moro, he brought magic back into the world of Dragon Ball when it desperately needed it most. After all, for a long time, the characters have fought creatures that are simply incredibly strong and nothing more than that. But Moro was calculating and made Magic into something that is a direct threat to the heroes.

As such, Hirduegarn would be one of the most interesting villains because it is not only magical, it is a force of nature. Hirudegarn is the only villain that is not only evil but is also beastly in nature. Being essentially Godzilla in the Dragon Ball world. Having it be in the canon would be spicy.

10. Stay Out: Garlic Jr

Garlic Jr’s story was fairly interesting at the time. His father was originally competing against Kami for the role of Guardian of Earth before eventually being sealed away. Garlic Jr. as a character was a threat to Goku and Piccolo while taking place sometime before Raditz arrived on Earth.

The issue here is that his role in the story can only be done if the Guardian of Earth role was more explored. Overall, he is far far too weak to really necessitate an appearance, especially against the like of all characters are border-line on God’s levels.

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