5 D&D Monsters Vegeta Can Destroy (& 5 That Would Put Up A Good Fight)

Other than Goku, there are only a few characters in Dragon Ball that can come close to Vegeta’s power. He’s a top-five character in terms of strength in his universe. He has a power level that’s so strong, he could blow up a planet if he was paired with the right foe. And with his Saiyan blood, he’s only going to keep getting stronger and stronger as the series goes on. Here’s a list of villains he would put up a fight with, and the ones he’d destroy.

  1. Put Up A Fight: Tarrasque

Tarrasque’s the top of the summit, the Godzilla-style monster that stands above any other in Dungeons & Dragons. As can be seen above, it’s simply huge– a creature that would make Vegeta look like an ant. Its carapace would even help resist many of Vegeta’s energy blast attacks and even outright reflect a few of them at the Saiyan prince. Dende help him if he ever managed to get caught in the creature’s mouth, it is one of the few that can swallow people whole. It’s also one of the only monsters that would actually be favored in their battle.

2. Destroy: Stirge

Stirge are grotesque creatures that can best be described as giant forms of mosquitos. They can do precisely what you’d expect them to be able to do, latch onto foes and suck on their blood. Because of that, they can make a fun little horror-style foe, provided you have a lot of them somewhere. You’ll need a lot since they only have two hp, making them so weak even a shopkeeper could kill them. Someone of Vegeta’s power level could probably kill them with a mere flick of his fingers.

3. Put Up A Fight: Ancient Red Dragon

Dragons are always going to be high-end foes, no matter what sort of medium you’re in. There’s no way something this large couldn’t be considered an end-game boss. It’s no different in Dungeons & Dragons, as they cause a serious amount of damage. What makes them more dangerous is their fire breath, flames able to push above 100 damage on certain rolls.

4. Destroy: Azer

These guys just look awesome– who’s going to say no to a guy with a flaming head? It isn’t just an aesthetic either, those flames and the heated parts of their body can be used against their foes. Anyone who tries to touch them runs the risk of being ablaze, taking a moderate amount of damage in the process. They are also capable of heating their weapons, adding a similar level of fire damage to them. Considering Vegeta would never have to touch them, all of these racial abilities would be for naught.

5. Put Up A Fight: Solar

Solars are large celestials, or angels, in the Dungeons & Dragons world and it would take something of this level of power to stand toe to toe with someone like Vegeta. The strength of the solar is in its greatsword, a weapon it can swing twice.

When you combine the weapon damage with the possible radiant damage, this thing could pump up the damage level; to 100%. That’s without including any of its legendary actions, one of which could blind Vegeta, leaving him open for further attacks.

6. Destroy: Satyr

In some universes, Satyrs are more demonic-looking creatures than the ones from Dungeons & Dragons. Here, they are a type of fey, just as fairies are. They are rather jovial creatures who just want to enjoy music and the world at large, basically a race of bards who don’t want to sleep with anything that moves. Unfortunately, none of that is going to help them when they are fighting Vegeta. They may as well be actual goats with how far the gap in power is.

7. Put Up A Fight: Lich

Liches are always going to be an awesome final boss for a campaign, especially when you work its phylactery into the plot. Finally beating one can feel like a triumph, one that was more than earned. Their powers are so vast that even Vegeta would run into issues, particularly due to his Saiyan ego. He would be more than willing to let the Lich use its top-end skills against him as a way of seeing its true power. Hell, you could even see him letting the Lich be reborn if he enjoyed the battle enough. That attitude could be his biggest undoing in the fight, especially when the Lich can unleash spells like Finger of Death.

8. Destroy: Lizardfolk

Lizardfolks have a cool look to them and can end up being pretty interesting characters, as the one on Goblin Slayer is. Their reptilian nature gives them a wide variety of different appearances, but none of them would help in a battle with the mighty Vegeta.

They would be no different than the many alien races that fell to the Saiyan’s feet while under the employ of Frieza. Nothing more than boring fodder that he could blast away in an instant.

9. Put Up A Fight: Pit Fiend

Pit fiends are massive creatures that have such an intimidating presence that even the most seasoned and veteran of adventurers are going to wonder if they made a mistake in daring to come up against one. They are more than just a frightening aura, possessing a multitude of ways to attack a target. They have their tail, claws, mace, and even their teeth. Their bite is their most dangerous attack, giving them the ability to poison people. It’s not just any poison either, it’s one that can stop you from regaining hit points, which means no senzu beans for Vegeta.

10. Destroy: Polar Bear

Any polar bear would think twice before tangling with Vegeta. They’d know they’d be mistaken the second he fired an energy blast. That’s if the Saiyan would even waste energy on it, needing only his fist to finish off the animal. One punch would send the creature flying at least a few miles, taking out a few ice caps in the process. It’s a fight that isn’t even worth giving a shot by Vegeta.

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