5 Great Deeds Goku Has Done Over The Years And 5 He’d Rather You Forgot About

Goku is the quintessensial hero. He’s taken on just about every threat against the earth and has saved the entire galaxy multiple times. Hell, he’s even fought against opponents from different universes and still managed to come out on top. It’s safe to say that, if you need someone to take down a big bad, you can rely on Goku.

But, while he’s achieved a lot of good deeds throughout the years, there are still a few things under his belt that he wouldn’t want to bring up in conversation. So, we decided to look back at five of the best deeds Goku has done, as well as five things he would want you to forget about.

  1. Good: Giving His Son The Chance To Save The World

People love to lambast Goku for letting his son go up against Cell. Yes, Gohan doesn’t have the love for battle like his fellow Z-Fighters, but the fact that Goku believed in his son gave Gohan the confidence he needed to fight against Cell and eventually surpass his father.

You could just say that it’s still wrong to let a child go up against an evil android like Cell, but Goku trained with the boy for a year and grasped the full extent of his Son’s potential. He wouldn’t let Gohan go up against anyone that strong if he wasn’t sure that the kid didn’t have a chance against him.

2. Bad: Sexual Harassment

So, apparently, Grandpa Gohan didn’t tell Goku about the birds and the bees. Goku straight-up sexually harassed a bunch of girls in his younger days.

Let’s see, he looked up Bulma’s skirt, he stole her panties, he touched Chi-Chi in the prohibited area, and much more. Sure, Goku was a kid, but Gohan had always taught him to treat Girls in the nicest way possible. You think Gohan would have told his grandson to keep his hands to himself.

3. Good: Keeping His Promise To Chi-Chi

Goku is a man of his word. When he makes a pact with someone, you better believe that he’ll do his darndest to keep it, even if he doesn’t know what he’s agreed to.

When Goku promised to Chi-Chi that he’d be his bride, he thought that a bride was something to eat. But, even when he explained that to Chi-Chi years later, he decided to keep that vow, and, after the 23rd Martial Art’s Tournament, he married Chi-Chi. Any man would have just tried to get out of something like that, but Goku is a man of his word.

4. Bad: Ignoring His Family For Training

Sure, Goku loves his family, but the guy isn’t Father of the Year material. We can forgive him for missing parts of Gohan and Goten’s life, as he was dead—we suppose we could cut him some slack there—but we can’t forgive his constant obsession with training interfering with his family life.

Every day, Goku is doing his best to avoid his family and train. Sure, he has to get stronger to protect them, but that doesn’t mean he has to leave the planet and go train for months on end. Vegeta may spend his time training, but at least he spends time with his family.

5. Good: Avenging The Saiyans

What Frieza did to the Saiyan race is unforgivable. The evil tyrant led the warrior species near extinction after he destroyed their home planet. While Vegeta tried every day to get his revenge, it eventually failed when he was killed by Frieza.

With his dying words, he begged Goku to avenge the Saiyan race. With all his might and the unleashed power of the Super Saiyan transformation, Goku was able to defeat Frieza and avenge the deaths of his fallen Saiyan brethren.

6. Bad: Causing The Tournament Of Power

Goku’s thirst for battle always gets the better of him. He’s always looking for strong opponents, even if that means putting the earth in harm’s way. Don’t believe us? Then, let’s present some evidence.

When Grand Zeno arrived in Super, he was pondering on whether to create a tournament where all the greatest fighters across the Multi-Verse. But, Goku just had to open his big mouth and encourage the Omni-King to go along with the plan.

7. Good: Sacrificing His Life Against Raditz And Cell

What truly makes a hero is their willingness to put their lives on the line, even if this means giving it up. Goku is always willing to make the ultimate sacrifice whenever he goes up against villains that wish to do the Earth harm.

Two times, in particular, were his deaths at the hands of Raditz and Cell. To ensure his friends and family were given a chance to live peaceful lives, he gave his life to allow Piccolo the shot he needed to kill Raditz with his Special Beam Cannon, and there was also the time when Goku gave his life to save the planet from Cell’s attempt to destruct himself. Acts like these show that Goku belongs with the best of the best.

8. Bad: Dragging Out His Fights With Buu

Goku had plenty of opportunities to rid the universe of Majin Buu with his Super Saiyan Three transformation. When Goku first met Majin Buu, he transformed to give Trunks time to get the Dragon Radar, but he later revealed that he could have killed Buu during that encounter.

Why did he stop—just so he could give the boys a shot at saving the world But, it gets even worse. Goku had the chance to kill Kid Buu when he transformed into Super Saiyan Three, but, rather than going all out, he let it drag on so that Vegeta could get a chance to fight Buu. Goku, we appreciate the generosity of your pals, but, when you have the chance to kill an opponent, take it.

9. Good: Save The Universe

No matter what happens, the world can rest easy that Goku is around to save the earth and the rest of the universe. He’s defeated King Piccolo, Frieza, and Kid Buu, he’s fended off Cell and Beerus the Destroyer, and he and his friends succeded in winning the Tournament of Power and saved their universe from being erased from existence.

10. Bad: Offering Bulma To Old Kai

Yes, Goku really tried to get his oldest friend in the world to kiss Old Kai. Sure, desperate times call for desperate solutions, but, after all the horrible stuff he’s caused to Bulma, you’d think that he wouldn’t sink this low. We’re surprised that Vegeta didn’t help Majin Buu in killing him, especially after how he reacted.

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