Dragon Ball Z: 10 Changes You Didn’t Know About From Japanese To English

One would be crazy to talk about some of the most legendary anime of all time without mentioning the absolute masterpiece that is Dragon Ball Z. While its predecessor might’ve received an almost no reception in the west, the same can’t be said for Dragon Ball Z, which was nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. From the earth-shattering fights to the ridiculous transformations that have become oh so iconic, the sheer number of ways in which Dragon Ball Z has influenced the modern pop culture is simply immense.

One of the biggest reasons why Dragon Ball Z was such a massive phenomenon was due to an English dub that had way more heart and effort put into it, compared to its contemporaries at the time. The cast of Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, Chris Ayres, and Laura Bailey — to name a few — have become household names at this point due to their work in this series. However, nostalgia always comes into play, and people who are massive fans of the show can’t exactly go back to the original dub due to its amateurish nature — they’re better off watching Kai instead. To put this into context, here are ten of the most mind-boggling changes between the Japanese and English versions of Dragon Ball Z.

  1. “That’s One Whopper Of A Lizard!” — Vegeta

Vegeta’s quest to get the Dragon Balls in Namek turns out to be a waste of time when Porunga is summoned by Dende, Krillin, and Gohan instead.

For someone who should be frustrated that his wish to become immortal is virtually gone, the manner in which he describes the Namek Dragon is unintentionally hilarious and has become a classic.

2. “Yeah, More Like… Burnt Toast.” — Piccolo

The original Funimation dub had a penchant for giving every character the ability to crack one-liners that are supposed to sound cool but fall completely flat.

A great example of this is during the Android Saga when Android 19 is completely destroyed by Vegeta. Krillin exclaims that the android is toast, to which Piccolo replies with this brilliant one-liner.

3. “I’m Gonna Slap Some Sense Into You!” — Goku

Sean Schemmel has his fair share of corny lines in Dragon Ball Z, but this one takes the cake.

The manner in which the line is delivered and the unrelenting slap onslaught post that is quite hilarious to watch indeed.

4. “I’m Not Going To Let This Shake My Composure…” — Vegeta

Of course, it’s not like Vegeta is completely devoid of any logic in the Funimation dub — he does talk about how he shouldn’t let such an event shake his composure.

However, what makes this scene hilarious is the fact that four seconds after Vegeta says this line, he screams in rage and blasts himself towards the dragon, making the dialogue completely useless.

5. “Yeehaw! That’s It Buckaroo, Ride Em’ Cowboy!” — Frieza

Of course, just like their fight, Frieza gives Goku some pretty stiff competition when it comes to corny lines. This particular gem comes during his third form when he impales Krillin and starts moving him around on his horn.

The move itself might be brutal, but the manner in which Frieza accompanies this horrifying scene with this impeccable delivery completely flips the scene on its head, making it a dark comedy of sorts.

6. “Cat Loves Food, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!” — Yamcha

Only in the Funimation dub could you find Yamcha randomly singing along to a fake commercial he saw on TV. It’s a moment that’s so out of place that one can’t help but notice the sheer ridiculousness present within.

The fact that TFS decided to make this line a running joke in their patented DBZ Abridged series goes to show just how legendary this particular line of dialogue has become.

7. “He’d Probably Lick Me!” —  Goku

After powering up in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku decides to check up on Perfect Cell and his power level. After coming back and reporting the same to his friends, Goku exclaims that Cell’s power is too great… followed by that particular sentence.

While the term “taking a licking” does mean taking a beating, one must state that the manner in which this line is delivered is incredibly awkward and ludicrous to boot.

8. “Alright, Big Guy, Whatever Turns You On!” — Frieza

One can say that Frieza’s voice might’ve been somewhat sensual, but even then, one must realize that this character is a maniacal tyrant who will stop at nothing to get his way.

So, for such a character to say such a ridiculous line like that is completely out of character, albeit somewhat unintentionally hilarious as well.

9. “Sad For YOUUUUUUUUUU!” — Vegeta

Out of all the horrible legendary lines in the original dub of Dragon Ball Z, nothing comes close to the magnum opus of this dub that has become an important part of this series amongst the fandom.

In his one-sided match against Android 18, Vegeta engages in a bit of banter with his opponent before yelling out this incredible line and rushing her. The ridiculous delivery of this dialogue coupled with his crushing defeat after makes this scene one of the fandom’s all-time favorites.

10. “I’m My Father’s Son!” —  Gohan

The original Funimation dub had a flair for stating obvious statements in an over-the-top fashion that is simply way too ludicrous at times. This line is one such example, originating from the movie Bojack Unbound.

After taking a beating — or a licking, in this case — Gohan is on the verge of defeat… before his father comes into the picture and gives Gohan the will to survive and transform into a Super Saiyan 2. He does so and yells out this very clichéd line before powering up and defeating Bojack.

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