Dragon Ball: 10 Facts Fans Need To Know About Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero, the scientist that unleashed Androids 16 to 19 and Cell upon the world, was a relatively short-lived villain in Dragon Ball Z. He made his dramatic appearance after the Frieza arc and the first arrival of Future Trunks. It was revealed that Gero himself was an Android, given the moniker of Android 20.

However, there is more to Gero/Android 20 than meets the eye. Here are 10 things fans need to know about Dr. Gero.

  1. His Name

Dragon Ball Z is known for its pun names, from Saiyan names referring to vegetables to Frieza and his brother Cooler. Dr. Giro’s name is no different.

“Giro” is usually the sound effect affiliated with vomiting in Japanese manga, though it is also used to reference the croaking of a frog or toad. Appropriately, it’s also a prefix used in English medical terminology to reference old age.

2. Red Ribbon Army

The first factoid about Dr. Gero that demands attention is that he was one of the lead scientists in the Red Ribbon Army. The Red Ribbon.

If one only watched Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, they would have little indication as to how significant the Red Ribbon Army once was, and this is because they were completely taken out during the original Dragon Ball saga. They are only slightly referenced when Dr. Gero and his Androids began plaguing the Z Fighters.

3. He Had A Son

Dr. Gero had a son by the name of Gebo, who went by the codename “Gold.” He was also a part of the Red Ribbon Army and died while working for the organization.

Gero modeled Android 16 to resemble his son, though he programmed the Android to be gentler than his other creations out of sentimentality. While this is a small detail for a villain that did not last long, this fact does add a degree of humanity to Dr. Gero’s persona.

4. He Had A Presence In Original Dragon Ball

Being a part of the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero did have a presence in the original Dragon Ball, although he was never personally referenced. He co-created Android 8 with Dr. Flappe and created the failed Android 9.

This was, of course, a retconning of the original Dragon Ball, but it still has Dr. Gero working in the background against Goku even when he was still just a child.

5. He Had A Lover

Gebo’s mother was also a member of the Red Ribbon Army. While her Earthling name is unknown, it is believed she was a human who was turned into an Android by Dr. Gero. She became Android 21, the principal antagonist of Dragon Ball: FighterZ.

Android 21 would infuse herself with the genetic material of Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza’s race, and Majin creatures, much like Cell before her. Though this was an addition made in a videogame, it is worth mentioning that Android 21 was designed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama himself.

6. Each Android Was Modeled After Something Or Someone

Dr. Gero’s androids were always modeled after a source. Android 8 was made to resemble Frankenstein’s monster, while Android 16 was made to look like Gero’s son.

For the others; Android 17 and 18 were made from a pair of teenage criminals, Android 19 was made to resemble a doll Gero found, Android 21 was Gebo’s mother, and, of course, Android 20 was Gero himself.

7. He Returned In Dragon Ball GT

Dr. Myuu, the creator of Baby, met and worked with Dr. Gero while in Hell in Dragon Ball GT. The two cooperate to create a creature called “Hell Fighter 17” a machine mutant made to resemble the original Android 17.

They went onto fuse Hell Fighter 17 with Android 17 to create Super 17, which they sent back to Earth through a portal. Myuu and Gero also returned to Earth, but Gero was killed by Android 17 once again.

8. He Possibly Survived Android 17’S Attack

In Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, it is revealed that Dr. Gero’s mind may have survived after the destruction of his body and brain at the hands of Androids 17 and 18. His supercomputer at his base awakened Androids 13, 14, and 15 seemingly under Gero’s command.

In the English dub, this is more heavily implied given that the computer has Gero’s voice, while this wasn’t the case in the original Japenese version.

9. He Already Considered Himself Dead As An Android

An interesting detail about Gero is that he claimed to be dead when he first encountered Goku. This was allegedly done to disguise himself from his enemies, but one is left to wonder if Gero considers his Android creations to be truly alive – especially considering his penchant for making humans into Androids like 17, 18, and 21.

Did Gero consider his Android self his true identity, or did he come to acknowledge that he had made himself something different than he once was?

10. Android 19 Helped Him Become Android 20

When Dr. Gero wanted to attain immortality by transforming himself into an Android, he enlisted Android 19 to help him complete the transformation.

Android 19 is shown to be Gero’s closest and most loyal associate, and he helped Dr. Gero in his initial attack against Son Goku and his allies. While Android 19 did not make too much of a difference in the ensuing battles, he was an important ally to Gero.

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