Dragon Ball Z: 10 Awesome Quotes That Will Always Stick With Us

When it comes to epic dialogues and one-liners, Dragon Ball Z has given fans an embarrassment of riches.

Every fan has their preference regarding whether they prefer to watch the show subtitled or with one of the English dubs, but every version has at least a few lines that would make Shenron himself wish he’d come up with them.

  1. “I’m Going To Crush You… And Throw You Into The Wind!” (Majin)

2. “It’s Not An Overseer That The Earth Needs Right Now. It Needs A Warrior.” (Kami)

3. “I Am Not Goku Nor Vegeta. I Am The Instrument Of Your Defeat!” (Gogeta)

4. “Come On, Who Do You Think Taught Him?” (Chi-Chi)

5. “I’m Sure He’d Be Glad To See You Writhing In Agony Like The Worm You Are.” (Piccolo)

6. “You Can Destroy Whole Planets, But It Seems You Can’t Even Destroy A Single Man, Huh?” (Goku)

7. “I Try To Make A Habit Of Not Talking To My Food.” (Imperfect Cell)

8. “Imagine: This And Every Other World Would Be But The Merest Of Baubles In Your Collection.” (King Cold)

9. “It Is No Sin To Fight For What Is Right.” (Android 16)

10. “All Hail Vegeta, Prince Of No One!” (Frieza)

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