Which Dragon Ball Super Villain Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Ball Super introduced and reintroduced a whole smattering of villains to the Dragon Ball universe. Son Goku and his friends had their work cut out for them during this series, as threats from Universe 7 and beyond arrived to test the mettle of the Dragon Team/Z Fighters. Many of these fighters gone rogue proved to be instant classes and immediately entered the ranks of Dragon Ball classics.

Have you ever wondered which of the Dragon Ball Supervillains that you have the most in common with? Well, wonder no more, as we are going to give you the Chinese Zodiac signs of the villains from Dragon Ball Super.

  1. DOG: Tagoma

Much like its animal counterpart, the Dog sign is known for its immense loyalty. Those with the Dog sign are not instantly friendly, but once are, they fight for their friends to the bitter end. The same could be said of Tagoma, the second-in-command under Sorbet. Tagoma was fiercely loyal to Sorbet–to the point that he didn’t almost want to see Frieza return to subjugate Sorbet.

2. PIG: Champa

The Pig sign is known for its laziness, sluggishness, and reluctance to do anuthing. Even more than Beerus, this describes God of Destruction Champa. He is a thoroughly lazy and inactive being to the point of having little stamina or will to fight. Vados, Champa’s caretaker, actually worries about Champa’s tendency towards laziness and tries to get Champa to exercise and train more.

3. MONKEY: Sorbet

Sorbet was a top lieutenant in Frieza’s Army, and he still commanded a unit of soldiers even after the death of Frieza. However, he felt that the only way for Frieza’s Empire to survive is with the resurrection of Frieza himself.

This ultimately led to Sorbet’s downfall when Frieza himself accidentally killed Sorbet while fighting Vegeta. Like the Monkey, Sorbet is arrogant, scheming, confident, and inspires loyalty in others.

4. ROOSTER: Zen-Oh

The Chinese Zodiac for Rooster indicates one who is powerful and independent if cruel, critical, and inflexible. They are a bit idiosyncratic, much like Zen-Oh the destroyer. Zen-Oh destroyed several of the existing universes before setting up the Tournament of Power, as Zen-Oh had decided that there were too many universes in existence.

5. HORSE: Frieza

The Horse makes a lot of friends but finds its strength when standing alone. They are stubborn or stalwart but don’t tend to be all that persistent. In other words, Frieza is a Horse. He has a loyal and ferocious army at his beck and call, but he is stronger than any of them could ever be. However, he detests taking care of foes on his own.

6. SHEEP/GOAT: Zamasu

Zamasu started off as a loyal and attentive student of the Kai known as Gowasu. However, his pessimistic nature and distrust of mortals brought him low. He is intelligent and dedicated to this goal, even up to the point of being self-destructive. This ultimately lines up with the Chinese Zodiac sign for Sheep or Goat.

7. DRAGON: Jiren

The Dragon has a very strong sense of right-and-wrong, is stubborn, driven, and can be very violent. In other words, the Dragon is Jiren, the hero of Universe 11 who became one of the most dangerous opponents that Goku ever faced. Jiren fights for the survival of his universe and will do whatever it takes to stop Universe 7 so that 11 will survive.

8. SNAKE: Goku Black

Goku Black is actually another form of Goku taken over by the Kai known as Zamasu. However, Goku Black is a different personality to that of Zamasu, and the two are more-or-less separate entities for a time. Zamasu’s plans come from distrust and hatred of mortals, and his bloodlust becomes casual and sadistic once he unleashes Goku Black. This paranoia, casual violence, and his soft-spoken nature make Goku Black a Snake in the Chinese Zodiac.

9. TIGER: Beerus

The Tiger sign usually indicates someone who is straightforward, honest, arrogant, and a bit of a show-off. All of these qualities could easily describe the God of Destruction, Beerus. He is often quite lazy and easygoing, but, once stirred to action, he becomes impulsive and theatrical. He also becomes a good friend and ally to Goku and his allies, and that loyalty is also associated with the Tiger.

10. RABBIT: Whis

Whis is Beerus’ teacher and caretaker, and his qualities easily line up with those of the Rabbit sign. He is far more caring and responsible than Beerus, and he is more-or-less the homemaker for Beerus.

Like Beerus, he becomes a friend to Goku and his associates, and that also lines up with the tendencies of the Rabbit.

11. RAT: Hit

Those with the Rat sign are known to have the instincts of a good businessman; they are perceptive, precise, and have good intuition. They are also often very timid–both of these qualities line up with the character of Hit. He is an assassin, making his entire reason for fighting both goal-oriented and professional. That said, he is often quite cold and emotionless, which runs contrary to the Rat’s tendency towards sociability and unstable emotions.

12. OX: Broly

The Ox sign is associated with those who are strong, stubborn, and single-minded. They are driven and goal-oriented, and they are also often physically large to boot. Well, they don’t make them much bigger than Broly. His wrath is immovable and dedicated, and he will stop at nothing to destroy those that are the target of his ire. He’s also physically massive, with his muscles bulging further and further as he builds up more energy.

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