Dragon Ball: 10 Facts About Towa & Mira Fans Don’t Know

As far as creations beyond the show, Towa and Mira would be near the top, something that isn’t as big an accomplishment as you’d think when movie villains like Lord Slug and Android 13 exist out there. They are near the top almost by default when you consider how little success both movies and games have with Dragon Ball villains.

  1. Towa Is The First Female Primary Antagonist

There have been a few characters that were close to being one, such as Android 18, but by and large, Dragon Ball has never been a series that often put female characters in the spotlight. Even Bulma was never the focus, despite the fact she was consistently around throughout the series. Towa was a nice step in the right direction in that regard, making her both powerful and intelligent, showing that women can hang just as well with men.

2. Both Characters Were Created By Akira Toriyama

This is always going to be positive for anyone who is a fan of Dragon Ball. Many of the noncanon creations have ended up dull and lacking the usual flair that Akira has. Just take a look at a good chunk of the movie villains for that, almost all of them as flat in design as their character’s personality is. Towa and Mira may not set the world on fire as far as characters go, but they do have a unique look to them, one that oddly resembles the angels in Super.

3. Towa’s Name Means Eternity

As with her counterpart, Towa’s name is fitting for her character. Unlike Mira whose goal is to become the ultimate being, Towa is after something simpler, revenge for what was done to her brother, Dabura. She holds a forever grudge on the Z warriors and specifically Goku, for what they did to him. She blames him for the release of Buu and the eventual demise of her kin. She also has delusions of grandeur when it comes to how superior she is to everyone else.

4. Towa Is Only The Second Character To Kill Shenron

Killing Shenron is a feat that few characters are capable of, let alone have actually done. Strangely enough, it’s never been done by a villain since Dragon Ball, until Towa pulled it off in Xenoverse 2. Equally as strange is that it’s only been done by characters who were both ‘Demons” as King Piccolo had the moniker of Demon King at the time. The fact both pulled it off puts both of them on a level of evil that very few bad guys can reach.

5. Mira Can Achieve Super Sayian

Due to being the mutt that he is, Mira can achieve Super Sayian, giving him a huge boost of power. Couple that with his abilities to merge with others as he did with Finn, to create the form above, and there’s no telling just how strong he could become. Even his final form may not be the peak of his powers as he thought it was. You’d think he could continue to push himself just as a Sayian would, achieving greater power. Admittedly, we’ll never know as he was killed for good in Xenoverse 2.

6. How High Towa’s Kill Count Was

For a character who played more of the corruptive scientist rather than frontline soldier, Towa had a hand in a great deal of death throughout her appearances, particularly in Xenoverse 2. In total she took out ten different characters, managing to kill Goku on two separate occasions.

Rarely is this ever done with her own hands, mostly due to her empowering other villains, but it’s still a testament to how dangerous the character was.

7. Mira Is A Dark Counterpart To Future Warrior

They both have similar makeups, the only difference being what side of the moral spectrum they land on. For Mira, he gains power only for the sake of it, while the Future Warrior does it to protect others (part of why Mira is defeated).

They both are part of time agencies (Time Breakers and Time Patrol, respectively) and both have access to an array of abilities that no other character is. In many ways, they are both created for the sole purpose of being the best.

8. Mira Appears In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

He isn’t there for long and is far from the main villain, but he’s a nice hidden boss to stumble on once you’ve defeated all the villainous characters. Their energy funnels into his core, allowing him to eventually return and challenge Goku and his allies, showing off what he feels is his true power. He’s mistaken of course as he ends up defeated, Towa commenting that he’s still not yet complete, two fleeing soon after.

9. Mira’s Name Is An Anagram For Mirai

Mirai is Japanese for future and something and maybe the aptest name for anyone in the entire series, video game or otherwise. There are multiple reasons for that as well, the most notable being that he travels through time. That means he’s always from some future. His goal is also to be the strongest fighter in the universe, the future for demonkind in many ways. All of his actions are with the futuristic, rather than the present.

10. Mira’s Similarities To Cell

The biggest similarity is that they are both seeking to be the perfect being, but it goes beyond just their goals. They are both mutts in the sense that they were created from various heroes in an attempt for perfection. They also both grow more powerful from energy absorption, making them incredibly dangerous if you don’t know how to fight them. Furthermore, they both end up dying in the very timelines that they helped create.

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