Dragon Ball: What Every Z-Fighter Would Wish For Using The Dragon Balls

Despite the Z-Fighters becoming strong enough to resolve all of their problems themselves, the Dragon Balls have still remained an important part of Dragon Ball’s narrative. They’ve enabled the Z-Fighters to revive many of their friends, not to mention they’ve used these wish-granting orbs to undo a lot of the damage done by villains like Cell and Buu.

Knowing what we know about every Z-Fighter, it’s pretty easy to guess what each of them might wish for, so we took a stab at it. For the sake of this article, let’s assume that these characters are making their wishes using Earth’s current set of Dragon Balls, since realistically, most of them stand a shot at gathering these orbs versus the Namekian Dragon Balls or the Super Dragon Balls.

  1. Vegeta: All The Lives He’s Taken To Be Restored

Vegeta’s had a troubled past and is responsible for the killing of millions. While some, like Pui Pui and every Ginyu Force member, deserved it, others, like the innocent Namekians that he slaughtered, or the people of Arlia, didn’t.

In recent years, Vegeta has come to feel ashamed of his past and will be able to sleep much better if he had the chance to give all those he murdered unjustly a second chance at life.

2. Goku: A Huge Supply Of Food

Though a wish from Goku would be largely unpredictable given how sporadic of a man he can be at times, the one thing that Shenron can give him within limits is the one thing Goku always seems to be focused on: food (second to training, of course). Even when he was dead, he continued to stuff himself like his life depended on it.

Asking Shenron for a colossal supply of food would definitely save Chi-Chi a lot of time and resources, while also allowing Goku to eat some of his favorite foods to his heart’s content.

3. Future Trunks: The Revival Of The Future Z-Fighters

Future Trunks comes from a time in which every other Z-Fighter was killed by Android 17 and 18 (in Goku’s case, a heart virus). Currently, Future Trunks lives in a version of his timeline not ravaged by Goku Black and Zamasu, and while Bulma is alive in this timeline, he still doesn’t have the companionship of the other Z-Fighters.

Since the Earth’s Dragon Balls no longer exist in this reality, he could always travel to New Namek in a spaceship built by Bulma to revive the friends that he never got to have.

4. Gohan: New Scholarly Texts

By the end of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan seems to have it all. Not only is he a capable warrior once again, but he has a loving wife and a healthy baby girl. Given his career as a scholar, he’d probably ask Shenron for a specific book that he’s had his eyes on. what more could he want?

Maybe an encyclopedia written by Zuno to keep him preoccupied for who knows how long.

5. Piccolo: Restored Youth

Piccolo definitely wouldn’t wish for anything tangible, since he’s learned to live with only the clothes on his back for years now. Since Namekians mature faster than humans, it’s likely that Piccolo’s prime will go by in a few more years as well.

With Shenron’s help, he can remain in his prime forever, and could continue training Gohan, as well as Pan, and the rest of Gohan’s descendants.

6. Majin Buu: Sweets

Majin Buu doesn’t care about money, and he doesn’t really care too much about fighting unless there’s a sugary snack waiting for him. It’s obvious that he’d ask Shenron for an unhealthy amount of cookies, candy, cakes and shakes.

7. Goten: Toys

Despite being only a year younger than Trunks, Goten is a lot less mature. After Trunks defeated him in their World Tournament match, all it took was the promise of letting Goten have three of Trunks’ toys to get on Goten’s good side.

With a simple wish from Shenron, Goten could have all the toys that only Capsule Corp’s money could buy.

8. Trunks: A Brother

With a rich mother like Bulma, there’s no material item that Trunks couldn’t get by asking politely and doing his chores. He was a bit disappointed that Bulla was a girl assuming that a brother would’ve made the perfect training partner.

He probably wouldn’t hesitate to ask Shenron for a brother, especially given the fact that Future Trunks couldn’t stay in the present timeline to serve that role.

9. Android 18: Money

Even when she was determined on killing Goku, Android 18 always had an appreciation for the finer things in life. She didn’t mind adorning herself with fancy new clothes or jewels, and it’s clear that she’s after the money needed to support a more upscale lifestyle. In Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, she resorted to destroying Mr. Satan’s property when he refused to pay her the money he promised her for letting him win the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Asking Shenron for the money instead would be a good way to avoid allowing her past self to rear its ugly head.

10. Android 17: For The Poachers To Lose Their Memories Of His Island

Since Android 17 got his cruise at the end of Super, he wouldn’t need to ask Shenron (or Super Shenron for that matter) for one.

Since his island is still under constant siege by poachers, he’d most likely ask Shenron to erase their memories of the island so that they wouldn’t keep coming back to harm the animals. It would definitely make his job as a ranger feels like a cruise.

11. Master Roshi: Lifetime Supply Of Adult Magazines Or An Actual Companion

From the get-go, Master Roshi didn’t even attempt to hide his lecherous nature. Given the fact that Launch has long since left Kame Island and Krillin and Android 18 now have their own place, Master Roshi must be pretty bored reading the same magazines over and over again.

He’d definitely ask Shenron for either a lifetime supply of magazines or a new companion.

12. Tien: Resources To Support His Dojo

Tien is one of the series’ most stoic characters, and there isn’t really anything he cares about besides training. Since he seems to have gotten invested in the martial arts dojo that he recently started, a wish for money and other supplies to help maintain it would go a long way for him.

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