Dragon Ball Super: 5 Characters Monaka Could Defeat (& 5 That Would Squash Him)

Monaka is particularly a weak character in Dragon Ball Super. While many characters can beat him, there are some opponents he could likely beat.

Monaka is a very unusual Dragon Ball character because, despite his complete lack of strength and skills, he’s been billed as the ultimate champion due to an elaborate plan by Beerus. Accordingly, here are 5 characters who Dragon Ball Super’s Monaka could defeat and 5 that would squash him.

  1. Could Defeat: Yamcha

Yamcha has become a bit of a running joke in the Dragon Ball universe as the series’ perpetual punching bag. Yamcha has definitely receded into the background and it’s unlikely he’ll be a major player in any future fights, but he’s still strong in comparison to the average human. Yamcha would likely be a challenge for Monaka and he’s got a stronger arsenal of attacks than him. However, Yamcha is also considerably out of practice and turned to other pursuits in life. Monaka might be able to gain the upper hand and surprise the guy as a result.

2. Would Squash Him: Moro

Moro is the newest villain to show up in Dragon Ball Super and even though he’s remained exclusive to the manga at this point, he’s already becoming one of the series’ most popular villains. Moro is an evil wizard that has a grudge that goes back millions of years. He consumes entire star systems and he’s made Goku’s Ultra Instinct –Sign- reduced to nothing. Under the right circumstances, Moro could probably evaporate Monaka just with the wind pressure that he generates from movement. It’d be the most unfair of fights imaginable.

3. Could Defeat: Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo is a welcome face whenever he shows up, but these occasions have become fewer and far between over the years. Mr. Popo’s position has turned to one of a peacekeeper and guardian. He’s not a helpless individual, but he’s someone that prefers peace over violence. Monaka could possibly use this to his advantage and while it would still be a close match, Monaka is scrappy enough that he could possibly edge ahead of Popo. Monaka could also use the safety of the Earth against Mr. Popo and put him in a moral quandary that could vex him.

4. Would Squash Him: Goku Black

Goku would be powerful enough to defeat Monaka, but it’s his character and good nature that would likely prevent such a brutal finish. Goku Black on the other hand is the result of Zamasu’s twisted body-stealing revenge scheme. Goku Black has all of the strength of Goku, if not more, but with none of the moral compass. In fact, Goku Black would probably go out of his way to kill Monaka just because he knows it would hurt Goku on some level. He’s a vindictive megalomaniac.

5. Could Defeat: Mr. Satan

Hercule Satan has a reputation of being one of the strongest fighters in the world and has become the de facto scapegoat for some of the world-saving efforts of Goku and company. Monaka and Satan actually have similar deceitful backgrounds, which could even mean that Mr. Satan would empathize with the alien and show some mercy. At the same time, Monaka could possibly intimidate Satan with his look and fabricated reputation and get the coward to forfeit before they even have to come to blows.

6. Would Squash Him: Frieza

There are many notable villains to appear in Dragon Ball, but Frieza has turned into the most popular one. Even after repeated defeats the character still finds a way to come back and annoy Goku. The Tournament of Power actually utilizes Frieza in a really creative way, but he still remains an unstable villain. He’s not compassionate being so it’s easy to picture Frieza destroying Monaka and not giving the gesture a second thought. He’s responsible for genocide so what’s one more weird delivery worker?

7. Could Defeat: Emperor Pilaf

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Emperor Pilaf is one of the first antagonistic forces that Goku encounters in the original Dragon Ball series and even afterward the character makes noteworthy appearances in both Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. Pilaf looks a little intimidating, but he’s just a spoiled ruler who has no strength of his own. He’s never been shown to fight and is more about leading an army to attack. Monaka would be able to overtake Pilaf, even with his minimal combat experience. It seems like Pilaf has become more juvenile and weak in his most recent appearances, too.

8. Would Squash Him: Vegeta

Vegeta has definitely become a good guy over the course of the Dragon Ball franchise, but other than Goku he’s the most powerful character in the series. The competitive nature between Vegeta and Goku is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the anime. Goku could easily overwhelm Monaka, but he’s someone who would also show compassion towards him or naïvely get tricked or manipulated. Vegeta isn’t a fool and before he even gets a chance to learn Monaka’s backstory he’d be blasting him to dust if it was necessary.

9. Could Defeat: Veku

The introduction of fusion into the Dragon Ball universe has led to some very powerful combinations both in the series and in the non-canonical video games and supplemental materials.

Fusion can be done with the Potara Earrings, but it can also be done through the fusion dance, which is a little more temperamental. Veku is the unsuccessful fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Monaka’s ability to defeat him has less to do with Monaka’s strength and more to do with how Veku is a malformed fusion.

10. Would Squash Him: Beerus

Beerus entering the Dragon Ball universe in Dragon Ball Super and introducing the Gods of Destruction and Angels added a whole new level of danger to the series. Beerus is initially a threat to Goku and planet Earth, but he becomes more of a passive ally over time.

Beerus actually shares a special bond with Monaka since he’s the one who devises the lie over his strength to beat Goku. So not only is Beerus one of the few people that know the truth about Monaka’s weakness, but he’s also absurdly powerful and could erase him without difficulty.

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