Dragon Ball Super: Who Imprisoned Moro & 9 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Moro is a recent villain to the Dragon Ball Super manga, and there’s so much most of us have yet to learn…

In many ways, Moro feels like shades of the past foes that Dragon Ball’s heroes have faced, but he’s quickly proven himself to be the most dangerous threat that’s been faced. Accordingly, here’s who imprisoned Dragon Ball Super’s Moro and 9 other things you didn’t know about him.

  1. He Has The Potential To Use Every Single Attack

Moro has many advantages that make him a particularly dangerous enemy, but perhaps his biggest advantage is that he’s able to copy his enemies’ abilities. This is largely due to Seven-Three’s skill, but Moro co-opts for himself and this seems to have always been his plan. As a result, Moro uses iconic moves like Big Bang Attack, Special Beam Cannon, and Namekian regeneration techniques. He has more impressive moves at his disposal and the fluid nature of his skills makes him more dangerous than Cell. In the right circumstances, he can obtain any ability and be even more unstoppable.

2. He Has Eternal Life…Kind Of

Moro’s mortality is one of the more fascinating aspects of his character. There have been Dragon Ball villains who have hungered to regain their youth so they can be back at peak strength and power, but Moro’s situation is different. Moro is able to extend his own lifespan by stealing the life force energy of others. Moro went on such a rampage in this area that he’s been able to live for over 10 million years. However, if Moro is unable to obtain more energy, then he can still pass away from natural causes as his body simply runs out of power.

3. He’s Held A Grudge Against Universe 7 For Millions Of Years

There are plenty of intergalactic tyrants that have appeared throughout the course of Dragon Ball, but Moro is a threat that makes individuals like Frieza or Buu seem like absolute jokes. Over 10 million years ago, Moro destroyed the entire Iragi Star System and annihilated over 300 planets in the process. This eventually led to Moro’s imprisonment, which has allowed him to stew and build an eternal grudge over this universe and specifically the Galactic Patrol and Grand Supreme Kai. Moro has been able to build an excellent strategy during this time.

4. He Can Read Minds And Induce Hallucinations222

Moro’s magic is a deeply unpredictable source of energy and while it’s able to give him immense strength and produce incredibly powerful attacks, it also allows him to manipulate his opponents in disturbing psychological ways. Moro’s magic and powers allow him to not just read minds, but he can force someone to re-live previously traumatic experiences as a way to mess with them. At the same time, Moro also sees this memory, giving him unfiltered access to his opponent’s mind. It’s a brilliant way to weaken a target.

5. He Has A Death Sentence That Can’t Be Carried Out

One of the most interesting aspects of Moro’s early arc is that he’s stuck in captivity with the Galactic Patrol and has been in such a helpless state for millions of years. Keeping this threat around is just asking for trouble, but it turns out the plan wasn’t just to lock Moro up and throw away the key. The evil wizard was actually supposed to be executed. The only problem is that no one is strong enough to actually kill him, so his death sentence can’t be carried through and he just remains a prisoner.

6. He Uses Magic

Magic is a curious force in the Dragon Ball universe. Most of the characters operate with life energy or ki, which is the source of their strength and can be read and identified by others. Moro however operates with magic, which prescribes its own rules and can’t be read or drained in the same way that energy can. Most importantly, magic is still foreign enough of a force for Goku and Vegeta that it’s able to frequently surprise them, unlike their confidence over regular battle energy.

7. He Can Give His Power To Others

Many fights in Dragon Ball revolve around clever manipulations of energy and strategies that go beyond. Moro is a villain that grows stronger when he consumes the energy from not just individuals, but entire planets. This gives him immense power, but he’s also able to gift out this energy for strategic reasons. For instance, Moro gives Saganbo some of his power so that he can overwhelm Earth’s warriors. He’s able to give his entire team a boost and turn them into powerful maniacs if he chooses to give out so much of his energy.

8. He’s Supposed To Have An Irredeemable Look Of Evil

There are tons of evil characters that try to destroy the planet in Dragon Ball, but the anime has a curious tendency to introduce many of the show’s enemies as new heroes. Some of the most interesting villains have turned into good guys. Designed by Toyotaro, Moro is supposed to look purely evil and like a character who could never be redeemed or become one of the good guys, like King Piccolo, for instance. Dragon Ball Super wants to make it clear that this villain is only going to be trouble and his goat-like appearance leans into occult imagery.

9. The Grand Supreme Kai Imprisons Him

Millions of years ago, Moro was at full strength and he greedily consumed planets at will. This reckless behavior naturally attracted the attention of the Grand Supreme Kai, who set out to deal with this threat. The Grand Supreme Kai fights in tandem with the South Supreme Kai, but Moro is still too powerful for the both of them.

As a last resort, The Grand Supreme Kai uses up all of his God energy to properly seal away Moro’s magic and capture him during this moment of weakness. It’s a drastic plan, but it works.

10. He Has Zero Sense Of Loyalty

It’s not exactly surprising when villains betray their partners or pull off some selfish plan that puts themselves ahead of their team. Previous villains have gleefully resorted in this behavior, but Moro is particularly ruthless. Moro has a wide berth of support and there’s a Moro Corps at his disposal.

However, Moro repeatedly eliminates his team after they’ve served their purposes and are no longer needed. His manipulation and use of Seven-Three is perhaps the best and most callous example of this. Even individuals who act without his consent are added to his hit list. He is a control freak.

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