Dragon Ball: 10 Pieces Of Android 17 & 18 Fan Art That Show They’re Sibling Goals

Ever since the manga’s first chapter was published, way back in 1984, the Dragon Ball series has introduced hundreds of different characters. But two of the most fascinating -at least personality-wise – are siblings Android 17 and Android 18. Despite them not getting as much time in the spotlight as most of the series’ other major characters (hero or villain), they’re still very popular with the fans. It’s not that hard to see why; 17 is a classic rebel who does what he wants, and 18 is similarly cocky and confident, but not as inclined to take things seriously. Together, the super-powered cyborg twins create a dynamic that’s surprisingly fresh for siblings in media.

Here are 10 of the best pieces of fan art focusing on Androids 17 and 18.

  1. Chris Hernandez

Artist Chris Hernandez’s piece of 17 and 18 fan art is a wildly creative effort that boasts both amazing attention to detail and killer coloration. 17 and 18’s line-based designs, in particular, look great: yes, they’re a tad simplistic, but none less visually striking for it.

2. GV6820s

Artist GV6280s’ Twitter account is a veritable repository of amazing Dragon Ball fan art, and, like the rest of their body of work, this piece of 17 and 18 fan art is equal parts cool, crisp, and creative. The character designs are detailed and interesting to look at (the flight jackets are a plus, and easter eggs galore), and there’s just something about the way 17 and 18 look that instantly tells the viewer that they work together well.

3. Xhe1992

Artists Xhe1992’s contribution to this specific compendium of Dragon Ball fan art features the strong-willed sibling duo of Androids 17 and 18 against a bright city backdrop.

Apparently, 17 and 18 have gotten a sleek cyber-upgrade, but this type of design actually seems to work well on them. Bright colors, realistic shading, and even a glitch art version of the DB logo — what’s not to love?

4. Niconix-Art

First off, while Androids 17 and 18 are two of Dragon Ball’s strongest characters, it’s nice to see them in a relaxed environment. And though Niconix-art’s take on the cybernetic siblings doesn’t stray far from the classic Dragon Ball design (even incorporating 17’s “MIR” tee — virtual thumbs-up for that), it’s such a perfect encapsulation of their individual characteristics that the artist’s creativity is still uniquely expressed.

5. LoraLindermann

This piece of Dragon Ball fan art, which was drawn by Deviantart user LoraLindermann, imagines the characters of Android 17 and Android 18 in a distinct retro anime art style.

The execution is spot-on in terms of color, shading, and character design, and the “blend of two styles” idea creates the perfect breeding ground for art filled with creativity and passion.

6. Tovio-Rogers

Like every artist worth their salt, the person responsible for this creative piece of fan art (digital illustrator Tovio-rogers) has a distinct style that differs from that of other artists. But whereas some “fan artists” choose to switch up and draw in the style of whatever they’re making fan art of, Tovio-rogers used their own style, not the Dragon Ball style, on their renderings of Androids 16, 17, and 18.

The results are spectacular, as the artist has created something both unique and original while still honoring the work of another as was originally intended.


Skilled artist IVAN TAO serves up this incredible piece of fan art, which portrays 17 and 18 as characters in a more modern version of the Dragon Ball universe. The art quality is top-notch, and details — the kind you have to zoom in to the piece to see just right -abound.

The use of color and shading is borderline realistic, and it creates an intentionally specific style and mood that the rest of the piece doesn’t waver from in the slightest.

8. Sun Haiyang

Like its predecessor on this list, this piece of fan art — drawn by Beijing-based graphic designer Sun Haiyang — places the classic characters of Androids 17 and 18 against a real-world backdrop.

While this type of art can be gimmicky if it isn’t done correctly, it should be said that seeing 17 and 18 somewhere that actually exists is pretty cool, not to mention the fact that the structural quality of the art itself is outstanding.

9. Assaskun

This piece of fan art was drawn by artist Assaskun. It shows Android 17 standing self-assuredly, with his arms folded in place, while the less-confrontational 18 looks behind her with a look bordering on contempt. A simplistic background compliments their figures, which is perfect in that it allows the viewer to focus on the two characters and their relationship with each other.

10. Wizyakuza

Digital illustrator Ceaser Muyuela (also known as Wizyakuza) is the creative maestro behind this amazing piece of Dragon Ball fan art. Unlike most other pieces of 17 and 18 fan art, which show the two Androids side by side, Muyuela’s concept smartly splits the two Androids and then combines them into one frame.

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