Dragon Ball: 10 Hilarious Vegeta Memes That Are Too Funny

Dragon Ball may be all about high-octane thrills and over-the-top action, but these 10 Vegeta memes remind us of how silly the anime can be.

  1. Being Expressive

Goku may be the strongest warrior in the universe, but he is still innocent almost to the point of imbecility, especially when it comes to matters of love and intimacy with the other sex. After all, this is a guy who prefers training to spending a romantic evening alone with his wife. Yet, he has two sons. Vegeta is frankly baffled by the math, considering Goku can barely figure out how to kiss his wife, let alone going all the way with Chi Chi.

2. Manly Hand Holding

Dragon Ball gets away with some pretty silly stuff, not the least of which are some of the frankly ridiculous movements that go into completing certain techniques. Like the dance that Goku and Vegeta have to do to fuse together. Or having to hold hands to pool their energies. Frieza is one of their very few foes powerful enough to have the courage to make a gay marriage joke to the duo to their faces in the middle of combat.

3. Don’t Push The Goku Button

Goku and Vegeta may be allies now, but there was a time when such a possibility would have seemed impossible. Vegeta is obsessed with being the strongest there is, and Goku is always the guy who one-ups him at every turn when it comes to combat. It is a frustrating situation for Vegeta, but also good for him… in a way. Goku is the one guy who always pushes him to train beyond his limits and become stronger than ever, even if perpetually second-best.

4. Swole Life

Vegeta goes from being a fit-but-slim guy in his natural state to resembling a steroids-addled bodybuilder after going Super Saiyan. And, of course, Vegeta loves his new body. You have to wonder if every body part undergoes such an impressive growth after the Saiyan transformation occurs…

5. A Long, Hard Day

Vegeta’s first visit to Earth was possibly his most humiliating workday of invading a new planet that he had ever experienced. Getting beat up by Goku was bad enough, but what put the bow on top of the smelly turd that was that day was being beaten up by his toddler son Gohan. The only break that Vegeta got was Goku allowing him to leave in his spaceship instead of killing him, and that must have been galling in itself, being shown mercy by a fellow Saiyan whom he had mistaken for being a simpleton.

6. Unnecessary Evil

Vegeta used to be all about that winner lifestyle, but then he got together with Bulma, and had a kid, and became a part of Goku’s crew, and now his conquering days are over. Something that Vegeta sorely misses at times, being the ruthless alpha. Vegeta’s journey from being the villain to becoming a hero has been one of the best parts of the series, even though he may still sometimes feel that old conquering itch.

7. Krillin Owned

Krillin is one character who makes up for his lack of strength with plenty of heart and pluck… but try telling Vegeta that. All he saw, at least in the beginning, was a human so pitifully weak he was not even worth a statistic on the power level scouter. Over time, Vegeta came to appreciate the other qualities of Krillin that made him a valuable ally like his complete loyalty and intractable sense of fairness and optimism.

8. Goku The Clown

To someone like Vegeta who knows Goku intimately, he comes across as a clown most of the time.

Vegeta is always urging Goku to act more in keeping with his proud Saiyan heritage, and it is a constant source of grief to him that Goku is less Conan the Barbarian and more like the Monkey King.

9. Roar Like A Lion

No one likes to yell as much as Goku and Vegeta in the middle of combat. This is actually a callback to the traditions of Shaolin Martial arts when it was believed that yelling helped you channel your energy into your strikes more effectively. Vegeta yells so loudly and so often that it’s a wonder his Super Saiyan screams haven’t burst the eardrums of every nearby Z fighter who is a regular human. As it is, you can bet Vegeta is getting ready to reach a new level of power once his voice reaches that special level of shrieking which signifies his extreme rage.

10. Receding Hairline

In the Dragonball universe, men are either completely Bald or blessed with long, luxuriant hair. It must be discomfiting for Vegeta trying to keep up the appearance of having a full head of hair. Maybe one day he will go completely bald and no one will be able to tell when he transforms into a Super Saiyan without the changing hair color.

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