Who Can Dragon Ball Super’s Surprise Movie Character Be: Every Possibility

Akira Toriyama has a surprise character making an appearance in the second Dragon Ball Super movie. Who could it be? Here are the options.

Beyond this person being someone that fans may not see coming, there are no clues about who this character could be or their role. Toriyama may be referring to the film’s villain, or perhaps an ally who will join forces with Goku and Vegeta. Even though most of the Z-Warriors weren’t in Broly, it’s doubtful that any of the heroes who live on Earth are the subject of the tease, given that fans generally expect them to have a presence. Instead, it could be someone who isn’t easily available.

Fans are also wondering about the precedent that Broly set by using the Legendary Super Saiyan. The inclusion of a character from the non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies puts a number of antagonists on the table to be reimagined in the upcoming movie. Here are the best candidates for the film’s mystery character.

  1. Dabura

Toriyama’s message discussed going into “unexplored territory in terms of the visual aesthetics.” A corner of the Dragon Ball universe that could make for an all-new visual experience would be the Demon Realm. It’s been mentioned in the past but never shown. If the Z-Warriors finally go there, they might run into their old foe, Dabura. The king of the dimension was killed in the Buu Saga, but he could have somehow been brought back to life. Since he wouldn’t be a slave of Babidi anymore, the second Dragon Ball Super movie could show off a whole new side of the forgotten villain.

2. Pikkon

Thus far, Pikkon has only appeared in filler material and one Dragon Ball Z movie, Fusion Reborn. The hero, who gave Super Saiyan Goku a tough fight in Other World and held off Kid Buu, has yet to leave an impact on any important Dragon Ball story. But that could change if Goku elects to wish him back with the Dragon Balls. Assuming he’s kept up with his training, he could be incredibly powerful at this point in the timeline.

3. Broly

Rather than simply move on from Broly to a whole new story, Dragon Ball Super could use him again in the sequel, this time as a hero. The movie’s take on him was thought of as a massive improvement over the original, so he’d surely be a welcome addition. And since the movie found a way to end his battle with Gogeta that didn’t kill him, it is possible for him to make a second canon appearance. Since he’s much stronger than Goku and Vegeta, he’d be a great asset to them if they were in need of extra muscle. The problem though is that he loses control whenever he gets angry. They’ll have to find a way past that if they ever expect to rely on him in battle.

4. Caulifla

One of the most talked-about additions to the anime in Dragon Ball Super was Universe 6’s Caulifla, who is known as the first female Super Saiyan. Inspired by Goku’s power in the Tournament of Power, Caulifla reached the Super Saiyan 2 transformation and is now working her way toward Super Saiyan 3. She currently resides in a universe that’s separate from the home of the Z-Warriors, but Vados or Whis could enable her to cross over. If so, she’ll likely be joined by Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan and Caulifla’s best friend, Kale.

5. Tapion

Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon’s guest hero, Tapion, could officially join the Dragon Ball canon if he was the movie’s mystery character. The sword-wielding warrior from the distant past was entangled in a battle with the mindless destroyer known as Hirudegarn in Wrath of the Dragon, but he could have a different and more nuanced opponent in Dragon Ball Super. He could also provide an in-continuity explanation for how Future Trunks got his sword.

6. Cell

One of the most shocking characters Toriyama could pick for the new story is Perfect Cell. Despite being stronger than Goku during the Cell Games, the power he possessed then now pales in comparison to what several of the Z-Warriors are capable of now. Even Piccolo would defeat Cell with ease if they met in Dragon Ball Super. That being said, there’s a chance that the movie can find a way to upgrade Cell’s powera similar to how they made Frieza a match for Super Saiyan God Goku with his new golden form. As for how the movie can engineer his return, the manga may have offered a possible explanation by revealing that some Cell Juniors survived the Cell Games. If scientists experimented with their DNA, Cell could be restored.

7. Future Trunks

Considering that Future Trunks has only been in two Dragon Ball stories and the fact that he lives in the future away from all the other Z-Warriors, he could fit Toriyama’s description of an “unexpected character”. The last time he called on the aid of the heroes, it was because his timeline was being threatened by Goku Black. If some other villain takes his place, Trunks could be forced to make one more trip to the present. Alternatively, Goku could face an enemy so powerful that he’ll break the rules of time travel himself and seek out Future Trunks for help.

8. Cooler

The character that’s generating the most discussion for the new Dragon Ball Super movie is, without question, Cooler. Frieza’s much stronger brother and the antagonist of two Dragon Ball Z movies are a fan-favorite choice for the sequel’s villain. A brand-new version of the Cooler story promises to be totally different than what came before. In Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge, his motive was to avenge his brother’s death, but since Frieza was recently brought back to life, that reason won’t work. It could be that instead of coming to Earth to take revenge for Frieza, he’ll be teaming up with him to take down Goku and Vegeta.

9. Uub

Uub, a major Dragon Ball GT hero and the human reincarnation of Majin Buu, battled Goku ten years after Kid Buu’s defeat in Dragon Ball Z’s final episode. But Dragon Ball Super taking place before all that means that the two haven’t met and that this episode may not be considered canon anymore. The anime hasn’t shown him but did set up his eventual introduction by having Goku learn about his existence from Dende. It’s possible that he’ll finally cross paths with the Saiyan in the new movie and help him against the threats that challenge the Z-Warriors.

10. Android 16

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power story brought back Android 17 in a big way, leaving 16 as the only member of Doctor Gero’s trio who isn’t a Z-Warrior. He was killed by Cell, but it possible for him to be revisited in some way. He could be reborn, or it could be revealed that he was secretly wished back to life when they resurrected all of Cell’s victims. It’s been assumed by fans that he remained dead because he was a robot and was never technically alive. However, Android 8 fits into the same category, even though he brought it back to life in the Buu Saga. It could be that Android 16 really is alive somewhere. His continued presence in popular video games like Dragon Ball FighterZ shows that the stoic, nature-loving android still has storytelling potential.

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